House Democrats subpoena White House for impachment inquiry documents

Воскресенье, 06 Окт, 2019

Mr Trump, who has described his conduct as "perfect", said on Friday he would formally object to Congress's impeachment inquiry, even as he acknowledged Democrats "have the votes" to proceed.

A cache of diplomatic texts Democrats received as part of their impeachment inquiry showed US officials pressured the Ukrainian government to launch investigations that might benefit Trump's personal political agenda in exchange for a meeting of the two countries' leaders. A trial on whether to remove him from office would then be held in the U.S. Senate.

Biden will be Trump's biggest rival in the upcoming U.S. presidential elections.

What is Donald Trump accused of?

President Trump and Zelensky have denied any pressure to look into the Biden family was applied and the White House, in a nod to transparency, released the transcript of leaders' July 25th conversation last week.

The decision is not a full accession to Trump's demands, as the earlier Burisma cases that are under review do not directly involve Biden or his father's political influence. According to the law, that would be enough for Trump to be impeached, since his actions would be threatening US national interests.

Trump has offered a series of contradictory statements when it comes to the Democrats' subpoena of White House records. Mr Trump says it's a witch-hunt and he did nothing wrong. "I am not going to stand for it", Biden said at a campaign event in Los Angeles, deeming Trump "unhinged". During the course of the call he reportedly asked the Ukrainian leader eight times to investigate former U.S. vice-president Joe Biden and Biden's son Hunter.

In one call with Saudi officials, Trump vowed that he would help the theocratic country join the G7 group of leading industrial democracies, according to the Washington Post.

Pence's level of involvement in the scandal was unclear until Wednesday, when reporting from The Washington Post revealed that the vice president was on the July 25 phone call to Zelensky-along with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo-the news of which set the scandal in motion. "Those facts can not be seriously contested", Schiff said.

The probe could lead to approval of articles of impeachment - or formal charges - against Trump in the House. Republicans who control the Senate have shown little appetite for ousting Trump.

In this removal process, the members of the Senate serve as the jury, the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court as the head of the judicial process and a group of deputies in the House of Representatives as the prosecutor while the president has a defense attorney.

A two-thirds majority of the senators present would be needed to oust Trump, which means 20 Republicans would have to jump ship if all the Democrats and the two independents who caucus with Democrats form a united front. It seems nearly impossible for 67 Senators in the Senate to convict Trump.

Mr. Trump on Friday walked back his public calls earlier in the week for China and Ukraine to investigate Mr. Biden, saying he was exclusively focused on securing a trade deal with China and rooting out corruption.

Trump, who has repeatedly suggested Schiff be tried for treason, called the lawmaker "a sick puppy" Friday in another furious Twitter outburst. I'm sorry, but I don't want to be involved to democratic open elections, elections of USA. That would be a dream come true for the Democrats. Like Pence, Pompeo has remained a staunch Trump defender through the impeachment uproar. "Not only are the Do Nothing Democrats interfering in the 2020 Election, but they are continuing to interfere in the 2016 Election".

American Professor Allan Lichtman is an interesting political historian who accurately predicted who would win the last nine presidential elections. While US senators cannot legally be impeached, they can face recall votes in some states. His campaign has blasted Trump's efforts as desperate.