Matt Lauer denies rape allegation made by former NBC employee

Thursday, 10 Oct, 2019

In his new book Catch and Kill, Farrow alleges that prior to NBC's decision not to run his story, Weinstein "made it known to the network that he was aware of Lauer's behavior and capable of revealing it", The Hollywood Reporter writes.

After the crew returned to New York, Nevils says she had several more sexual encounters with Lauer, whom she feared for the power he held over her career.

But no allegation of rape had emerged until now.

"Matt Lauer's conduct in 2014 was appalling and reprehensible - and of course we said so at the time", Lack wrote.

"Today, almost two years after I was sacked by NBC, old stories are being recycled, titillating details are being added, and a risky and defamatory new allegation is being made".

Nevils' story was reported Wednesday on the show Lauer hosted for two decades.

"This is shocking and appalling", Guthrie said. We support her and any woman who has come forward with claims. "It's very, very, very hard".

In an open letter Wednesday, the former "Today" show host spoke vociferously in his own defense, calling Nevils' allegations of sexual assault "categorically false" and his own decision to stay silent "a mistake". He says he had an extramarital affair with Nevils which continued after the Olympics. At the end of the night, Nevils, who'd had six shots, said she ended up going to Lauer's hotel room twice - once to retrieve her press credential, which Lauer had taken as a joke, and the second time because he invited her back, according toVariety.

"It was nonconsensual in the sense that I was too drunk to consent", Nevils said. He then forced her onto the bed and initiated nonconsensual anal sex. The Sochi encounter, he details, was in fact "mutual and completely consensual".

"We were sitting here just like this two years ago", Kotb said, referring to her and Guthrie's broadcast the day Lauer was sacked.

Nevils' newly surfaced allegations, he added, "cross a serious line". "I remember thinking, Is this normal?'" Farrow continues, according to Variety. They've been through hell.

Lauer says Nevils is "making outrageous and false accusations to help sell another book". "I had no desire to write this, but I also had no choice". She said she just wanted NBC to "do the right thing, ' yet she sought a monetary payment, and two years after I was sacked, she is stepping forward to do more damage". But she "was in the midst of telling him she wasn't interested again when he 'just did it.'" Nevils recalls the encounter was excruciatingly painful. When that relationship was over, she told others at NBC about her history with Lauer.

Catch and Kill delves deeply into the incidents and background of the investigative reporting that won Farrow a Pulitzer Prize a year ago.

NBC News deserves some credit for covering that part of Variety's report on Farrow's book. "Catch and Kill" documents his attempts to get that story and includes a damning portrait of NBC News, his former employer.

Some of the agreements involved monetary payments, which in Nevils' case was seven figures.

Nevils told her alma mater's magazine in 2010 that the star was appearing on the show and that his manager came rushing over to her at one point, begging her to help him find his boss's wallet, which had been left in the back of a cab.