Small details you missed in the new Fortnite map

Thursday, 17 Oct, 2019

Over that time it's grown and become increasingly dense, layered with its own kind of history.

Here's every named location on the Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 1 map, and a little description of what you'll find there. These include the new Steam Stacks power plant, the small town of Holly Hedges, a beachside town called Sweaty Sands, a handsome lake area called Lazy Lake, a mountain town called Misty Meadows, the foul-looking Slurpy Swamp, the heavy forest of Weeping Woods, as well as coastal areas like Craggy Cliffs and Dirty Docks.

It seemed like possibly the Battle Move trailer leak could be the one Fortnite information we received immediately, however not exclusively has the story trailer additionally leaked however a brand new patch is now obtainable for the sport in case you verify for an replace. And the familiar flying battle bus is still there to carry you into battle.

On the other hand, you could straight-up luck your way towards a new rare gun with blue chests that hold the rarest of weapons. There's a new battle pass featuring "a brand new XP system and medals you can earn in-game". As such, much of the Battle Pass challenges have been revamped as well.

It was a slightly bumpy transition between seasons. Fortnite's original map is gone, at least as far as anyone can tell. Players who tried to log in were greeted with a "servers not responding" warning.

Fortnite Chapter 2 has arrived and it brings with it a plethora of changes.

Over millions of users tuned to live streams of Fortnite players looking at a black hole that seemingly consumed the entire Fortnite map.

The game was unplayable, their social media accounts had nothing but a black hole, everything was erased and in-game, there was only one mode: "The End". A leaked trailer provided the only real hint at what to expect. The next chapter for the battle royale Fortnite is now available to download for PC, consoles, and mobile - ending the stressful two days of waiting and staring into the abyss of a black hole for the millions of Fortnite players worldwide.