Foldable Motorola Razr: When, where and how to buy the $1,500 phone

Friday, 15 Nov, 2019

Preorders for the Razr start on December 26.

Price isn't the only potential hamstring to widespread adoption of the new Razr, though; Motorola has opted to make the phone a Verizon exclusive.

At least the storage is fairly robust, as the Motorola Razr has 128GB on board. There is a 16MP main camera and a 5MP selfie snapper available when the device is opened. The phone does bring a fast charging adapter.

The famous flip Motorola phone is back with the foldable twist under the model Razr. The device folds vertically, right down the middle, and it has two displays. The device is foldable but it does things a bit different from its rivals. The old hole that was on the previous Razr's hinge is absent, and the cellular phone opens up to a six.2-inch flatscreen that has the glimpse and come to feel of other smartphones.

The foldable technology found here has been a major topic among the tech world since it's been a big issue for other companies. To this point, you might recall the embarrassing PR disaster that saw Samsung delay the Galaxy Fold launch on account of displays that were far too prone to breaking.

Journalist Karen Han spotted the actor on the subway in NY and shared a picture of the moment, tweeting: "Daniel Day-Lewis is on my train and casually just looking at his flip phone". Huawei also delayed its phone, the Mate X, to avoid making any mistakes. The phone firm announced the device with a "You're gonna flip" video warning Wednesday on Twitter, racking up more than 800,000 views and likes.

While the Razer V3 started out as an expensive phone, Motorola started lowering the price of the handset soon after its launch. That means it has to go toe-to-toe with flagship devices from Google, Samsung, and more (including those coming out of Cupertino).

Motorola has decided to make this phone a Verizon exclusive. One of them concerns how much time that panel spends creased in the folded position and how that will ultimately affect its useful life. If you want to take selfies, you'll have to unfold the device as the selfie camera is going to be located on the upper bezel in the interior. However, it is certainly something many buyers might be very interested in trying after they get their hands on the foldable RAZR. Let us know in the comments.