Former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick enters 2020 race

Суббота, 16 Ноя, 2019

In a campaign video, Patrick cited anxiety and anger among Americans who feel their government and the economy has let them down, and said he was determined "to build a better, more sustainable, more inclusive American dream for the next generation".

Patrick also acknowledged the challenges posed by his late entry in such a big field of candidates. "They bring a richness of ideas and experience and a depth of character that makes me proud to be a Democrat".

On his campaign websiteon Thursday morning, Patrick said, "This race is not just about the character of any one individual, but about the character of the country".

Patrick served as MA governor from 2007 through 2015 and he was fairly popular in the state, maintaining a positive approval rating throughout his term.

Earlier in the day, Patrick took swipes at the current 2020 frontrunners, including former Vice President Joe Biden. Elizabeth Warren and Vermont Sen. And it's Biden who has wrapped himself in Obama's legacy, frequently reminding voters of the eight years he spent by the 44th president's side.

Patrick is facing considerable headwinds in his attempt to gain some traction in this race. His slogan, notably, is "Deval For All".

He later traveled to New Hampshire to file paperwork to compete in the nation's first presidential primary in February. Or to put it another way: What do these candidates think the fundamental problem with the US economy is?

A pessimist (or a cynic) might say that ambitious proposals like a wealth tax will never get through Congress anyway, which means that in the end a President Warren will probably end up where a President Biden would begin, with some relatively modest tax increases on the wealthy used to fund more benefits and services aimed at lower- and middle-class people.

Patrick is the third major black candidate in the race.

Former New York City mayor and Medford native Michael Bloomberg is now also reportedly reconsidering his decision not to run.

Patrick is the only African American to be elected MA governor.

Then he will head to New Hampshire's State House to file paperwork to be on the primary ballot there - one day before the deadline - before moving on to California, Nevada, Iowa and SC, according to a Democrat familiar with his plans.

Patrick's move injects a new layer of uncertainty into the contest less than three months before the first votes.

He previously served as assistant attorney general for civil rights under former Democratic President Bill Clinton. By comparison, only 155 candidates can be won in the four early primary states.

The former MA governor appeared on Deadline: White House Thursday, where Wallace said If I were your campaign operative, I'd be working with you round the clock on how to deal with the Bain vulnerability.

Baker was asked about the unfinished projects and budget gap left behind by Patrick, but he held off on any negative comments. "To replace the entire private system where companies provide health care for their employees would bankrupt us for a very long time".

Patrick, a former managing director for Bain Capital, has close ties to Wall Street donors, which could emerge as a liability in a Democratic primary where voters are often skeptical of the financial sector.

Last year, when deciding to forgo a White House run, Patrick explained that he and his wife, who had been given a cancer diagnosis at the time, were anxious that the "cruelty of our elections process would ultimately splash back on people whom Diane and I love, but who hadn't signed up for the journey".