Fourth person dies from vaping-related illness in IL

Суббота, 16 Ноя, 2019

While the majority of e-cigarette liquids contain nicotine, they do not contain tobacco, which is claimed to have caused more than 7.1 million deaths worldwide in 2016.

The CDC has nationally reported the recent occurrence of close to 2000 cases of E-cigarette/vaping associated lung injuries (EVALI) and at least 38 deaths - including one fatality in CT.

Forty patients continued smoking tobacco cigarettes, 37 switched to e-cigarettes with nicotine and 37 switched to e-cigarettes without.

Yet despite the benefit, experts from the University of Dundee said vaping was harmful, . "There may be more than one cause".

Study leader Professor Thomas Münzel pointed out that there is a lack of data on the long-term effects of e-cigarettes. We also found that, in the short term at least, regardless of whether the e-cigarette does or does not contain nicotine, a person will see vascular health improvements compared to smoking a traditional cigarette.

The report also found that cigarette smokers have become more likely to try quitting in the previous 12 months, and they have been more successful at doing so.

"Just because e-cigarettes may be less harmful than tobacco doesn't mean they are completely safe". "It is like everyone has forgotten about smoking, which will kill over 100 Canadians today", he said.

'I get Global Positioning System asking me about this. At this point we can't recommend e-cigarettes for smoking cessation. It's all about relative risk. According to the report, 13.7% of US adults smoked a cigarette in 2018. "This is what we believe is underlying the current public health problem".

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 2,051 confirmed and probable U.S. lung injury cases and 39 deaths associated with use of e-cigarettes, or vaping products.

Recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) laboratory results of fluid collected from the lungs of 29 patients found vitamin E acetate in all of the samples.

The message from United Kingdom officials remains that while not without harm, vaping remains far safer than smoking but that non-smokers should not vape.

Domingo urged the courts to rule on the cases swiftly, adding: "As global evidence points out, every delay in regulating electronic cigarettes is a step back for public health".

'However smoking kills half of life long smokers and accounts for nearly 220 deaths in England every day. Although quitting smoking is hard, with the average smoker trying 8 times before being successful, the safety of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation needs to be reconsidered, particularly in the era of EVALI. Rose Marie Robertson, deputy chief science and medical officer for the American Heart Association.