Impeachment Inquiry Set To Take Place Today

Sunday, 17 Nov, 2019

Then Fiona Hill, the former National Security Council director for Europe and Russian Federation, will appear Thursday morning. But President Donald Trump's acting chief of staff thought otherwise. Even Democrats who voted against convicting Clinton made clear their disapproval, with then-Sen.

The hearings, due to start at 10am Wednesday and continue into next week, will push the inquiry into a critical new phase, with witnesses giving their first public testimony on whether Trump pressured Ukraine to target one of the president's domestic political rivals with an investigation.

Known as Masha, Yovanovitch testified on October 11 that she was told that people were "looking to hurt" her.

William Taylor is the top USA diplomat to Ukraine, the chargé d'affaires.

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Saturday that the White House would probably release a transcript of a second call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Tuesday.

Yet Republicans are struggling to form a unified defense of Trump. But even as Trump tried to suggest that he was above the fray, the president repeatedly laid out his many grievances against the process playing out on the opposite end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

A third central defence in the memo reportedly stated that "the Ukrainian government was not aware of the hold on United States assistance", despite the White House reportedly withholding military aid to the country.

The House Intelligence Committee will hold public impeachment hearings with eight additional witnesses next week, the panel announced Tuesday night, on the eve of the first public hearings in the Ukraine impeachment inquiry. Croft testified before lawmakers in a closed-door interview on October 30.

Taylor, who was asked by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to return to Ukraine as Trump was firing Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, introduced new information Wednesday.

He has killed the White House daily press briefing, likes to make announcements himself on Twitter and prefers to get his message out during chaotic jousting sessions with reporters in the Oval Office or as he comes and goes to his presidential helicopter.

Schiff called it a "solemn undertaking", and counseled colleagues to "approach these proceedings with the seriousness of goal and love of country that they demand". Trump, she said, was simply "not worth it". And they are trying to bring forward the still-anonymous whistleblower, whose identity Democrats have vowed to protect.

Croft and Anderson testified about the oversized reach of Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani into foreign policy on Ukraine in unsettling ways as he portrayed Zelenskiy's new government as an "enemy" of Trump.

NOW: The House Intelligence Committee has taken on the primary role of assembling a case against Trump, with no supplemental Justice Department investigation.