Joe Gomez and Jordan Henderson out of England squad

Tuesday, 19 Nov, 2019

"I believe if Kosovo play towards England and we all know precisely the offensive potential, we have now no particular person reply - it's only collective work".

Jordan Henderson and Joe Gomez have been ruled out of England's final European Qualifier in Kosovo on Sunday. We all know about his unbelievable talents, his incredible maturity in taking on the racists in the game - and demanding black and white players are portrayed equally by the media. Or we break the leg! But we have a good team, as we have shown in this qualification campaign", quoted Challandes as saying."The bad news for us is that Sterling will play.

It's hard for defences to focus on one person to try and stop them because three, four other players can step forward and score goals, create goals.

England secured their place at Euro 2020 with a commanding victory over Montenegro on Thursday.

It is a far cry from recent trips which have seen issues between supporters and racist abuse aimed at England's black players in both Montenegro and Bulgaria. At least I can say it is for us a wonderful challenge to play against one of the best teams in the world and perhaps now the best team in Europe. "We are not dealing with individuals but with the team as a whole, so we will be preparing for England", he added.

Southgate could well experiment and Kosovo have only lost two of their last 19 matches - winning 10 of their 11 home games - however, England will represent their toughest test to date on home soil.

"It's a shame for them that they're now out of this part of the qualification, although they've still got the play-offs in which I think they'll be a huge threat in that format".

Kane is also the highest-scoring England captain of all time and sits sixth on the complete list of the country's most potent marksmen with his eyes now trained on Michael Owen, who has nine more than the 31 goals Kane has to date. We are too wonderful.

The forward was dropped for Thursday's 7-0 rout of Montenegro after clashing with Gomez in the Three Lions' training base canteen.

"If we are to be a team that are going to challenge seriously, although we're young, we've got to manage games well. We can laugh a little but it is the 1,001st game for England, it is our 29th - they are a little more experienced".