Joe Biden turns impeachment to his advantage in fifth Democrat debate

Saturday, 23 Nov, 2019

In the 2018 midterm election, 90% of black Americans voted for the Democratic candidate, according to Pew Research Center.

Warren, in particular, didn't face much scrutiny after being subjected to various criticisms of her "Medicare for All" plan during the last debate.

Warren commanded the crowd's attention and support by speaking about issues ranging from black trans women's rights, reproductive rights and legalizing marijuana.

The 70-year-old white woman also shook up her routine.

But in Quinnipiac University polling this month in SC, a state that serves as an early test of black support in the Democratic primary contest, Biden still held a vast lead among black voters at 44%, followed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren laid out her commitment to black voters in Atlanta on Thursday night with an acknowledgment of white privilege and a promise to be "accountable".

Her speech centred on the motif of a black women-led strike in Atlanta in 1881 and aimed to increase her support among black voters, and particularly black women, ABC News reported. They were later joined by white washerwomen who saw a shared struggle, and their protest became an example for other African Americans working in domestic and service roles. "This is a moment in our history when that persistence can change the lives of every American for the better". "The wealthy and well-connected want us to believe that more for your neighbors will always mean less for you".

"How are we going to pull this country together?"

Baker said Buttigieg's sexual orientation may be a sticking point for socially conservative, church-going black voters in southern states.

Warren said her detailed policy plans on public education, student debt, housing and healthcare, paid for by higher taxes on the rich and corporations, would address racial inequality, She added she would invest $50 billion in historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) like Clark.

The protesters had interrupted Warren's speech with chants of "Our children, our choice" and "We will be heard".

On Thursday, their priorities became hers. This is the same group of people that weren't giving Barack Obama a chance, right. "The federal government helped create the racial divide in this country through decades of active, state-sponsored discrimination, and that means the federal government has an obligation to fix it". And that topic came up repeatedly during the debate, specifically related to Stacey Abrams, who was the Democratic nominee for governor in 2018.

For Biden, who has shown resilience as the front-runner in the race since he entered it seven months ago, there's enough to worry about in terms of not tripping over his own words that delivering attacks on other candidates might be a risky proposition.

"Show up for me", she said. Warren presented a new argument: that the key to the Democratic nomination and to victory in November is not a unifying candidate but a unified electorate.

Rye: "In so many ways, the black electorate is parallel to the majority in that they are making decisions about who they think is electable based on what conventional wisdom has told them election after election".

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders called Trump "the most corrupt president in modern history" but added, "We can not simply be consumed by Donald Trump" or the Democratic Party will lose the election.

"I have made it very clear that this [is] impeachable conduct and I've called for an impeachment proceeding", she said. I am not afraid. "His numbers are real throughout the country because people know him". "At the very time that China is breaking worldwide rules, practicing unfair practices, stealing technology, forcing technology transfer and violating human rights, this nation is pulling away from critical allies we would need to show strength against China". But she also said implementation of the program may take three years - drawing criticism both from moderates like Biden and Buttigieg, who think she's trying to distance herself from an unpopular idea, and Sanders supporters, who see the MA senator's commitment to Medicare for All wavering. And can you win?