President Trump says he supports Senate impeachment trial if House moves ahead

Saturday, 23 Nov, 2019

The top White House spokeswoman on Thursday accused Democrats running the impeachment probe into Donald Trump of a "sick" and "rabid" desire to take down the president.

"Frankly, I'd like Rick to make a statement and Rick would make his debut, I think you already made a statement", he said of Perry.

'We want to call the whistleblower. Trump asked Sondland, referring to Zelenskiy, Holmes said of the call, overheard while he was dining with Sondland outdoors at a Kiev restaurant.

As the House appears to wrap up the investigative phase of its impeachment inquiry, a group of Senate Republicans met Thursday with White House officials, including counsel Pat Cipollone, to map out how a potential trial on articles of impeachment of President Trump could play out in the upper chamber.

The freshman Democrat also contended quid pro quo deals are common in foreign policy; however, they are not mean to benefit individuals.

"They promised they would govern, but we found out within the very first day of swearing in that the true goal here was to impeach the President".

The Republican-controlled Senate would then hold a trial on whether to remove him from office, although few Republican senators have been critical of Trump so far. Ultimately senators - specifically Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell - will determine how the Senate trial is conducted.

"I would like you to do us a favour", Trump said to Zelenskiy.

'There's only one person I want than where's Hunter and that is Adam Schiff.

"The Democrats only needed a pretext", Nunes said, adding that they moved to "the Ukraine hoax" after the Russian Federation investigation failed.

'The whistle-blower, in my opinion is a political operative'.

For argument's sake, let's say the whistleblower is a pro-Bernie-never-Trumper-Medicare-for-All-loving Democrat.

The Judiciary panel could take several days to debate the articles and then vote on them - sending impeachment to the House floor, where they could immediately be called up for consideration. Now, they are accusing him of extorting Ukraine's new government by threatening to deny it military aid unless it launched an investigation into Biden. The diplomats testified about what they knew or believed to be true: When it came to Ukraine, Trump and all the president's men either engaged in or knew about a scheme to force Ukraine to meddle in US domestic politics by threatening to withhold critically needed military aid for its war against Russian aggression.

Trump also suggested during his Friday interview he wanted Energy Secretary Rick Perry to make a statement on his dealings with Ukraine. Sondland offered his testimony earlier in the week.