Trump accuses impeachment witness of lying, defends Giulianis use

Tuesday, 26 Nov, 2019

Would an impeachment vote hurt Democrats and help Trump in 2020?

In a post on the account, Bolton asked whether the White House had done so "out of fear of what I may say?"

In a 57-minute, animated phone interview on "Fox & Friends", Trump said he did not expect to be impeached. "Why did they give it to a Ukrainian company?"

Trump also made sure to threaten to out the Central Intelligence Agency whistleblower who kicked off the entire Ukraine investigation in his rant. This came after the president removed Marie Yovanovitch as USA ambassador to Ukraine at Giuliani's urging even as the former mayor was pressing officials in Kiev to conduct the two investigations.

The Republican president took issue with testimony on Thursday by David Holmes, a USA embassy official in Ukraine.

Removing him from office would require conviction by a two-thirds majority in the Republican-controlled upper chamber.

United States President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani said that he had some compromising materials on the Biden family, which will be published if the President decides to throw him "under bus".

But his fierce defense of Trump from the dais during the impeachment hearings by way of questions and remarks made clear where he stands.

He claimed he and Republicans had "had a GREAT day" of testimony Wednesday, even though Sondland, his ambassador to the European Union, bolstered Democrats' impeachment narrative as he repeatedly talked of a "quid pro quo" involving Ukraine.

Witnesses including State Department officials, current and former USA ambassadors and a former White House Russia analyst provided evidence in the House impeachment public hearings. In it, Trump asks for "a favor", which involved investigating Democrat Joe Biden and a theory - debunked by US intelligence - that Ukraine, not Russian Federation, interfered in America's 2016 election.

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, the panel that's spearheaded the inquiry and hosted the public hearings, are "representative of the conference-spans the spectrum", the aide said. He characterized Trump's July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, in which the president pressured the foreign leader to probe the Bidens and a 2016 US election conspiracy theory, as "inappropriate, misguided foreign policy".

US President Donald Trump disregarded the advice of senior advisers to push a false theory that Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election, a former White House aide has told the impeachment inquiry.

Another GOP Sen. Ted Cruz said if the White House wants to call Hunter Biden as a witness or the anonymous government whistleblower who alerted Congress to concerns about the phone call, "I think they should be allowed to call them", he said on "The Ben Shapiro Show".

"I think we had a tremendous week with the hoax", Trump said at the White House. Trump insisted he was trying to root out corruption in the Eastern European nation when he held up almost $400 million in military aid to help Ukraine battle Russian aggression. "But you know that the reality is, I'm embarrassing you because you didn't do your job and I'm also going to bring out a pay-for-play scheme in the Obama administration that will be devastating to the Democrat Party".

Mr Holmes added that he was "shocked" on 18 July when an official from the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) announced that military aid to Ukraine was being withheld. He claimed they told him, "Well, sir, she's a woman".

Early support for impeaching Mr Trump has faded despite days of sobering testimony from non-partisan veteran public servants on an alleged campaign to pressure Ukraine to open an investigation damaging to his political rival Joe Biden, suggesting that America has made up its mind on the President.