Daisy Ridley Raps a Recap of All Eight Star Wars Movies

Wednesday, 27 Nov, 2019

The Rise of Skywalker will (supposedly) deliver the primary Star Wars saga to a detailed, wrapping up dangling plot threads from the earlier movies within the sequence.

When the first trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker debuted during Star Wars Celebration this past spring, fans went absolutely nuts when the return of Emperor Palpatine was teased with his signature evil laugh.

Lucasfilm's Star Wars: The growth of Skywalker manager J.J. Abrams acknowledges that a true script for the film has been available on e bay. It was given to someone else, who then went to sell it on eBay.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, director J.J. "We felt the pressure, but the opportunity was always greater than the challenge". Speaking on The Tonight Show, Ridley confessed that she doesn't much like those cute creatures we met in The Last Jedi. Daisy's ad-libs aren't too bad either; we get a Gucci Man e-esque " brr" when discussing The Empire Strikes Back's snow planet, Hoth. After all, the character should be dead considering the latest "Star Wars" trilogy takes place after "Return of the Jedi".

In Poe Dameron #1, First Order jetpack troopers are clearly seen in the events leading up to The Force Awakens when Poe Dameron is leading the Black Squadron and seeking out Luke Skywalker on the orders of General Leia Organa. "So she employed a droid to record her a quick note / She said, 'Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope'".

Ahead of the release of The Rise of Skywalker, a video was released which highlighted the cultural significance of the beloved space opera.

This would have made it the longest Star Wars movie to date, echoing the likes of fellow franchise finale Avengers: Endgame which also came in at an oversized duration.

The return of Emperor Palaptine also has fans wondering exactly what the goal of Supreme Leader Snoke was if not the new man behind all this villainy. Do you think that Rey will join the dark side?