ISIL claims responsibility for deadly London Bridge attack

Воскресенье, 01 Дек, 2019

United Kingdom police confirmed the suspect in the London Bridge stabbing started his attack after attending a program aimed at rehabilitating prisoners.

Khan, 28, who stabbed two people to death on London Bridge on Friday, wrote in the letter published by ITV News he wanted to prove he did not carry extreme views following his terrorism conviction seven years ago.

"It does not make sense for us as a society to be putting people who are convicted of terrorist offences, serious, violent offences, out on early release", said Mr Johnson.

Johnson also told the BBC that his government would review sentencing policies in the wake of the attack.

"We believe the attack began inside before he left the building and proceeded onto the Bridge", he said.

Amy Coop, a director who attended the Learning Together conference, tweeted that the tusk, 5 length and one of a pair flanking the entrance doors, had been taken off the wall by a man who rushed out of Fishmonger's Hall to follow Khan.

Mr Merritt was described by his father on Twitter as a "beautiful spirit".

He went on to study at the University of Cambridge, where he worked in the criminology department running Learning Together.

"I send condolences to his family, colleagues and the prisoners' group", she added.

"They had no idea whether this man had a bomb you could detonate by pressing a button, they had no idea how many other people were involved".

Queen Elizabeth has given her "enduring thanks to the police and emergency services, as well as the courageous individuals who put their own lives at risk".

Dave's Mercury Prize-winning album was inspired by rehabilitation therapy his brother Christopher Omoregie has received as he serves a life sentence for murder.

A woman was also killed in Friday's London Bridge attacks, and three people were injured.

Choudary has praised the people behind the 9/11 attack and July 2005 bombings in London, as well as called on people to join Daesh*.

The U.K. parole board issued a statement on Saturday saying it appears Khan was released automatically "on licence" - which means he had to meet certain conditions or face recall to prison - without ever being referred to the board.

"In the minds of voters, there are questions about how secure the nation would be in his hands if he became prime minister", Fisher said.

Later on Friday the bridge remained closed, with evacuated buses at a standstill and forensics officers at the scene.

"I express my enduring thanks to the police and emergency services, as well as the fearless individuals who put their own lives at risk to selflessly help and protect others". The MI5 determined that they had planned a series of attacks akin to the multi-day terrorist assaults in Mumbai in 2008, but this time targeting the British Parliament. Authorities were carrying searches in Staffordshire in connection to the attack.

Chief Constable Paul Crowther, of British Transport Police, said his officer "bravely ran towards danger". In fact, his ambitions were so vast that the judge called him and two other terrorist co-conspirators "serious jihadists", advising that they not be released as long as they pose a threat to public safety.

His efforts were captured on camera and posted on social media by several bystanders. Video footage showed a number of people, one with a fire extinguisher and another armed a narwhal tusk, taking Khan to the ground before the arrival of police.