Trump signs the Hong Kong Human Rights Act

Воскресенье, 01 Дек, 2019

Still, one worries about whether freedom-loving Hong Kong residents are counting too much on us.

Despite the calm, demonstrators are pressing to keep up the momentum of their movement.

Macau was returned to China two years after Hong Kong and celebrations of its success under one country, two systems could be overshadowed by its neighbour's anti-government protests which stemmed from opposition to proposed extradition legislation and have escalated into violence on the streets and in university campuses.

China has warned of strong countermeasures and Hong Kong's government has slammed the USA move as unwarranted meddling in its affairs.

It allows sanctions on Chinese and Hong Kong officials for alleged human rights abuses in Hong Kong and an annual review of Hong Kong's trade status, and bans the export of certain non-lethal munitions to the territory.

The Chinese foreign ministry said the United States would shoulder the consequences of China's countermeasures if it continued to "act arbitrarily" in regards to Hong Kong.

Trump signed the legislation under heavy pressure from Congress, where it attracted rare bipartisan support, and in a statement spoke of his "respect" for Chinese President Xi Jinping, calling for both sides to "amicably settle their differences".

Cheung said the government's decision has no connection to the six-month-long protests, which saw students' involvement and even some prestigious universities in the city turning into battlefields between rioters and the police force.

The protesters, including teenage students and elderly people, gathered in a park in the heart of Hong Kong on Saturday.

Senior members of Hong Kong Polytechnic University toured buildings strewn with debris after police left, including a sports hall and a ruined coffee shop, seeing smashed windows and charred piles of former barricades. A total of 5,890 people have been arrested since early June, he added.

Chang applauded President Trump for doing something that "his predecessors" did not do-give the people of Hong Kong a voice and protect America from a communism-plagued China that is threatening to go after it.

Calling the new law "Trump's Thanksgiving present", protesters waved American flags and announced plans to hold another big rally on December 8th.

"As expected, China reacted strongly to the decisions and summoned the United States ambassador in China, calling for the United States to 'correct its mistake '".

Some in the crowd shouted "revenge" and "five demands". "This is a good time for us to leverage this role to gain more support around the world".

Despite Trump's careful qualification of his signing, the bill's enactment drew immediate rebuke from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which accused the US of interfering with China's internal affairs.