Apple Could Bundle AirPods with iPhones Next Year

Tuesday, 03 Dec, 2019

A number of network providers now offer AirPods in bundle deals when you buy an iPhone, although no others do so for free. In fact, the new AirPods Pro are in such high demand that Apple is reportedly doubling production.

The newly released AirPods Pro show how popular and popular AirPods are.

Unless you've upgraded your phone since the new iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or Google Pixel came out in August or September 2019, you likely have a new smartphone on your holiday list. Other Android vendors including Samsung and Xiaomi are contemplating the possibility of bundling their respective flagships devices with a pair of True Stereo Wireless (TSW) earbuds. AirPods are, by a very long margin, Apple's fastest growing business and its most profitable line.

We're pretty skeptical about this report due to the price of AirPods, which start at $159. "Not only does the camera take better photos; it lets you take new kinds of photos", he writes.

The report comes from DigiTimes, which isn't always spot on with Apple-related predictions but we'll still provide all the details.

Apple is offering up to £160 in credit on its Apple Store Gift Cards for select products.

On the one hand is the popularity of Apple AirPods. The company may now want to replace the EarPods that come with iPhones with something more modern.

As MacRumors notes, however, DigiTimes has a hit-and-miss track record, and at this point the rumours only say that Apple is "considering" the move, which doesn't really say much. Therefore, if the company sells AirPods with iPhones, its superiority in the market will increase.