Queen Elizabeth hosts North Atlantic Treaty Organisation world leaders at Buckingham Palace

Wednesday, 04 Dec, 2019

"Then Turkey responded by saying he was brain dead, which was interesting". I have not spoken to the president about that. "I do stand by [them]".

The conversation quickly turned to the matter at hand, with Trump calling Canada "slightly delinquent" for coming up.6 per cent short and not meeting the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation military spending commitment of two per cent of the country's GDP, forcing Trudeau on the defensive.

Macron hosted Trump in France in 2017 for Bastille Day celebrations in Paris.

Trump and Macron discussed numerous topics throughout the broad-range press event, and at one point, Trump was asked about what France ought to do about taking back people who were captured while fighting for ISIS in Syria. "This is the ISIS fighters in the region and you have more and more of these fighters due to the situation today".

"And yet you still have many delinquent - you know I call them delinquent when they're not paid up in full", he added.

Trump also took aim at France itself, telling reporters: "You have a very high unemployment rate in France".

Sounding stern, Mr Macron said "Let's be serious" and that IS fighters from Europe were "a tiny minority", and that the "number one priority" was to get rid of the terrorist group.

"It's not yet done".

"We don't believe Trump when he says the NHS is not on the table, because he's a liar", said Sarah Boston, 74, from west London. Trump reciprocated by honoring Macron previous year with the first state visit of a foreign leader during his time in the White House.

"How is possible to be a member of the alliance. and to buy the S-400s from the Russians?"

But the U.S. leader's broadside came only hours after splits opened up elsewhere in the alliance, with Turkey threatening to block a plan to defend Baltic states and Poland against Russian attacks unless the alliance backs Ankara in recognising the Kurdish YPG militia as a terrorist group.

Trump, who commented while meeting with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, is upset that Democrats scheduled an impeachment hearing while he is overseas.

"We're very, very hopeful that we're going to have good news soon", Trudeau said.

"The Republicans have issued their 123-page report, ' the Tennessee Republican told Fox News' "Fox and Friends."".

"I'll stay out of the election", the United States leader insisted, adding: "I don't want to complicate it".

"We flew over areas that was totally controlled by Turkey and Turkish military", Trump said. "They've wasted a lot of time".

On trade specifically, Trump said things will soon be looking "rosy".

Trump also lashed out at France for a French digital service tax that he said unfairly discriminates against USA tech companies, including Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon.

Trump praised Stoltenberg, saying he's doing "a fantastic job" and calling himself "a big fan". "It's not going to be France".

"They'll get exhausted and the prime minister will get exhausted", Trump said.

"I do see France breaking off (from NATO)".

"I imagine him sort of tiptoeing around a sitting room in carpet slippers or maybe those fluffy white ones you get in posh hotels".