US online shoppers spend 9.4 bln USD on Cyber Monday

Wednesday, 04 Dec, 2019

"Retailers' click and collect capabilities are running more efficiently, online shopping is more intuitive".

Amazon is having a "12 Days of Deals" promotion across all shopping categories in a similar format to its Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

'We are now where we needed to be, really, which is good, and where we were at this time previous year. Round $11 million can be spent per minute within the 11 pm ET hour Monday.

USA online shoppers spent 4.2 billion dollars on Thanksgiving and 7.4 billion dollars on Black Friday, according to earlier data from Adobe Analytics, which tracks 80 percent of online transactions at 100 of the largest retailers in the United States.

And now that the battle between online and brick-and-mortar has largely been decided, there's another battle brewing between America's biggest online retailers: Amazon versus Walmart and Target.

The Thanksgiving holiday has symbolized a lot of different things over the years. And mobile phones are the new holiday store windows, luring in shoppers and enticing them to spend. While final totals for Cyber Monday are still being tallied, Salesforce confirmed it will report that USA sales exceeded $8 billion.

The final tally from Adobe fell a bit short of its prediction for $9.4 billion in sales. In fact, smartphone shopping will account for almost 50% of holiday retail sales growth. With that said, there's little doubt the big-box store is relying on a few particularly large bargains to reel you in. As such, mobile represents a growing opportunity for smaller businesses to extend the support they see from consumers buying locally in-store on Small Business Saturday to the rest of the holiday season. There are pages filled with items carry a green label reading, "Cyber Monday deal". Unsurprisingly, Amazon's own products were hits, as the company says that the Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote were among the best sellers on Black Friday. For starters, Amazon confirmed that Black Friday 2019 was the biggest Black Friday in the company's history. Amazon warehouse workers, community groups, unions and elected officials, were set to march outside company chief Jeff Bezos' Fifth Avenue penthouse, citing poor treatment of workers and rising climate emissions from the company's push for speedier deliveries.

Humans interact with all of the Amazon robots in a distribution center. These protests followed a similar demonstration outside Amazon's Staten Island warehouse last week. Online spending spiked 16.3 percent year-over-year to more than $72 billion from November 1 through December 1, Adobe says. On Black Friday itself, sales volumes were 7.2% higher compared to a year ago. Popular retailers are offering huge discounts and, in some cases, extending the offers through the end of the week. He said merchants are now rolling out flash sales, celebrity tie-ins and limited-edition products to try getting folks to buy. Adobe Analytics reported $7.4 billion of online Black Friday spending.

This is not only higher than Black Friday and Thanksgiving online sales of $5.4 billion and $4.2, respectively, billion but also has surpassed Amazon's Prime Day sales figures. Holiday shoppers can take advantage of heavy price reductions on electronics, gadgets and appliances during this shopping period.

On Tuesday afternoon, hours after its optimistic update on holiday spending, the NRF cautioned that trade uncertainties are "a bad deal" for "every segment of the economy". More spending from consumers means stronger numbers for the retail industry.