R. Kelly charged with paying bribe before marriage to Aaliyah

Saturday, 07 Dec, 2019

Kelly's lawyers have long maintained that he was unaware of Aaliyah's age when they married.

The allegedly fudged document listed her age at 18, which therefore allowed the couple to obtain a marriage licence.

Aaliyah, whose full name was Aaliyah Dana Haughton, passed away in 2001 in a plane crash when she was 22-years-old. According to an insider familiar with the particular case, Jane Doe 1 is Aaliyah. The person wasn't authorized to discuss details of the new charge and spoke on condition of anonymity. The story of him reportedly marrying #Aaliyah when she was just 15-years-old is nothing new, but now it has played a role in another charge against him.

And, Kelly's other attorney, Doug Anton, claims "the charge is ridiculous and it smacks of the same desperation as the entire case".

Kelly is accused in NY of racketeering, including allegations related to the sexual exploitation of a child, kidnapping and forced labor. Prosecutors alleged he, along with employees and assistants, chose women and girls at concerts before grooming them for sexual abuse. He'll face all those charges in May - after he first goes up on trial on separate federal charges in April in Chicago, where he's being held without bail. The Illinois marriage license used for the wedding said she was 18.

But on December 5, federal prosecutors added more charges, including bribery of a public office and public employee, according to court documents obtained by E!

This year, R. Kelly has been criminally charged in several jurisdictions on allegations that he sexually abused minors. He has pleaded not guilty to those charges.

R. Kelly and Aaliyah's marriage certificate, seen here in an image obtained by Chicago member station WBEZ, was issued by Cook County, Ill., in 1994.

The new charges against R. Kelly are being added to the existing racketeering indictment filed in NY.

Kelly was indicted Thursday on a new count of bribery stemming from an effort in 1994 to get the fake document, according to court documents. The indictment details alleged incidents in four states: Illinois, Connecticut, California and NY. The charges allow the prosecutors more wiggle room as they are then able to tag Kelly as the leader of a criminal enterprise. They also accused Kelly of obstructing justice by using threats and bribes, including payments of hundreds of thousands of dollars, to keep his victims quiet.

"That broke my heart - I was so disappointed in him", Demetrius said about Kelly impregnating his young girlfriend. "There's no way around it".