Iran president: Tehran hasn't closed window on talks with US

Воскресенье, 08 Дек, 2019

The troop deliberations follow several decisions since spring to beef up the US presence in the Middle East because of a series of maritime attacks and bombings in Saudi Arabia that the USA and others have blamed on Iran.

IAEA head Rafael Grossi told the AP in an interview that the United Nations nuclear watchdog agency is in talks with Iran about the discovery, and that it is "not a closed matter". Mr Trump today told reporters in London "thousands of people" were being slaughtered by the regime's forces.

The former national security adviser for the U.S. administration, John Bolton also criticized the Iranian government on Twitter on Monday. Certainly there might be a threat.

Calling it a "horrible situation", Trump warned that any new threat from Iran "will be met very strongly".

"The reality is that the nature of insurance is actually spreading security in the society", the president said, adding that the insurance industry looks more economic and financial. "At the same time, we have not closed the window for negotiations". Pompeo announced last week that "more sanctions are coming".

The president said Obama's phone call came as Rouhani was about to leave NY, and he chose to answer the call upon the suggestion of all of his advisers.

During the unrest, the country also experienced internet blackouts as Tehran battled to control the narrative and prevent protest footage from being posted online.

He added that the US has "sent very clear and blunt signals to the Iranian government about the potential consequences of aggression".

In addition to the deaths, Hook said more than 7,000 protesters had been detained, with many sent to two prisons.

"The process continues. We have so far not received an entirely satisfactory reply from them, but the exchanges continue", he said. We do not yet know where these bodies went. Rarely, however, has the government's response seemed quite as brutal as this. And it is nearing its collapse, as well, in such circumstances we should see the potential dangers.

Rouhani described the sanctions as "a cruel act by the White House". Movies and different studies despatched out since then present police on a killing spree towards peaceable protesters.

They offered no real evidence to back a lot of this up, claiming some of the protesters had "semi-heavy weapons", but offered the typical excuse offered by governments in the region when protesters turn up dead.

Rouhani remembered the importance of his conversation over the phone with former U.S. President Barack Obama in 2013.

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign affairs did not respond immediately to a request for comment on the Amnesty report.

Shortly after the protests began, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo put out a statement telling the protesters that "the United States is with you".

The government had previously acknowledged the deaths of only a handful of people and continues to decline to give an official estimate of the total number killed, but officials in the country have talked publicly in recent days of ordering security forces to fire on demonstrators trying to storm government buildings.

Earlier this week, Philip Luther, research and advocacy director for the Middle East and North Africa at Amnesty International, said at least 208 people were killed since protests began.