LILLEY: 'Two-faced' Trudeau's screw up with Trump could cost us

Воскресенье, 08 Дек, 2019

He has discussed putting more tariffs on Canada, and now that all these other world leaders have pissed him off so much, I guarantee you within the next few months, we're going to see those tariffs put in place just to protect Donald Trump's very fragile ego.

That evening, Biden's campaign put out a 63-second video ad featuring the clip, as well as other snippets of previous Trump overseas moments, complete with devastating commentary from cable news hosts.

"With Trudeau, he's a nice guy".

Trump seemed pleased with Trudeau's commitment to increase defence spending further while they met, but in a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday, Trump was clearly irritated with Trudeau's behaviour.

"Well, he's two-faced", Trump told reporters. "He's not paying 2 percent and he should be paying 2 percent - it's Canada, they have money".

"I was happy to be part of it but it was certainly notable".

This comes hours after the video of other leaders appearing to make fun of him, went viral.

"The world is laughing at President Trump", says the ad from former vice-president Joe Biden's campaign for the Democratic party's presidential nomination.

Trudeau played down the incident.

Mr Trudeau came clean during a Q and A in London after the US President called him two-faced over his comments and chose to cancel a press conference following the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation meeting on Wednesday. I've had a number of a good conversations with the president over today and yesterday'.

"We all know that the Globalist EU opposes Trump, but this goes too far", continued the tweet, which tagged Trump and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In Ottawa, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said Trudeau's comments showed a "lack of professionalism". Noah portrays Trump has everything from the kid asking to leave camp early to a kid crying all the way home to the once popular kid forced to eat his lunch with the outcasts.

"When is that, did you ever think you'd see that happen?"

Mr Trump cancelled his scheduled news conference at the end of the summit, saying he had briefed the media many times during his two-day trip. And we are also modernizing this Alliance, responding to new challenges in cyber, in space.

"The decisions that we will be making around 5G and telecommunications in Canada will be based on the advice of our experts and working in collaboration with our allies", Trudeau said. It was his primary theme as a candidate whenever he discussed foreign affairs or worldwide trade: China is laughing at us, Europe is laughing at us, the Taliban is laughing at us, OPEC is laughing at us, the world is laughing at us.