Star Fox 2 and 5 more free games coming to Nintendo Switch

Воскресенье, 08 Дек, 2019

Other Nintendo Switch games also passed new life-to-date sales milestones in the Americas, including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe at 8.5 million, Super Smash Bros. The SNES library will include games like Super Punch-Out!, Kiby Super Star, Star Fox 2, and Crystalis.

Star Fox 2 is also available on the SNES Classic as an unlockable, but now anyone with a subscription to Switch Online can revisit the 16-bit classic.

Kirby Super Star (Super NES) - That very bad King Dedede is at it again - he's stolen all the food in Dream Land.

However, the most successful consoles in Japan are all portables, with the 3DS on 25.22 million, the Game Boy on 32.47 million, and the Nintendo DS a seemingly unassailable 32.99 million.

Last month, Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser told The Verge that sales of the Switch Lite have not been cannibalizing the original Switch.

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If this was an SKU mix-up, those who thought they were getting a Switch might have received something related to the hybrid console, such as an accessory or game. Given the frequency of Nintendo Switch Online updates, Switch owners can probably expect the next one around spring. The sale runs through January 10, 2020. And if you are a Twitch/Amazon Prime subscriber and paying attention, you should have a free year of that already. But he was pulled back in after spending years in QA circles for both THQ and Activision, mostly spending time helping to push forward the Guitar Hero series at its peak. That was pretty good for a spring launch - often new game products are launched for Christmas sales.