What do you think? Is the new Peloton commercial sexist?

Sunday, 08 Dec, 2019

Sean Hunter, the actor who played "Peloton Husband", says he has also endured a backlash.

Now the Peloton actress has taken her panned storyline - and luxury bike trauma - to a new ad for a different company, Ryan Reynolds' Aviation Gin. Just days after the controversy, however, Ruiz is seen starring in another holiday commercial - this time for Ryan Reynold's spirit company, Aviation Gin. In real life, he's a decidedly good guy, so after reading a tweet joking that the people involved in making the commercial should be jailed and another tweet stating that there was a "100% chance that the husband in the Peloton ad is abusive", I made a decision to reach out. From there, it pans out to show two friends flanking her, not really knowing how to react for 10 uncomfortable seconds as the camera continues to pan back and reveal that the three are sitting at a bar with three gin martinis.

The ad concludes with a shot of a bottle of Aviation gin, and one of the friends saying "you look great by the way!"

The comedy - it's nearly as dry as the gin.

"People turned down a pretty dark path and it turned into a nasty thing", the actor and teacher said in an interview with Good Morning America.

Shouldn't the person "gifted" with the $2,245 bike be the one who decides whether or not to embark upon the fitness and wellness journey?

Sean says initial reviews of his Peloton gig were mostly positive, but everything changed when the ad went viral. In Victor's more overt roast, the story ends in the wife handing her husband divorce papers.

The friends look concerned about her, one offering to get her another drink and the other telling her "You're safe here".

Peloton Wife deserves a fucking Oscar for these ads.

"I pride myself on being a great teacher and developing actor, and I can only hope that this affects neither."Peloton released its holiday commercial to a mass uproar on social media". Netizens and various commentators have mocked the message of the advertisement -"The Gift That Gives Back" - and slammed the video as sexist.

In his feedback to Psychology This day, Hunter says that total response from his chums to the ad was once overwhelmingly sure when the ad was once first unveiled.