US, South Korea presidents agree to maintain dialogue over North Korea

Понедельник, 09 Дек, 2019

Earlier this week, North Korea resumed its verbal attacks against Trump in response to his apparent warning message made during his trip to London for a NATO summit. Kim reportedly gets angry every time he is presented with a report about South Korea.

Jeong Eun-bo, South Korea's head negotiator in the defense cost-sharing talks, met with US officials for two days in Washington this week.

Trump said he would bring fire and fury on North Korea and derided Kim as little rocket man, while Kim threatened to turn Washington into a sea of fire and called Trump a mentally deranged USA dotard.

Pyongyang has demanded Washington come up with acceptable proposals in their denuclearization negotiations before the end of this year.

The tone between Washington and Pyongyang has recently deteriorated once again.

SOUTH Korea's President Moon Jae-in and United States President Donald Trump agreed during a phone conversation to maintain dialogue with the nuclear-armed North, Seoul said Saturday, with the two allies noting the situation had become "grave".

"If Trump's remarks on use of force and metaphor were a mistake, it would be a relief, but if they were a calculated provocation intended against us, that makes things different", Choe said. "But if we do, we will use it". "If we have to, we'll do it", Trump said. -South Korean military exercises would be permanently stopped and American strategic military assets would no longer be deployed on the Korean Peninsula. That means it's likely his statement Wednesday carries added weight.

He said that if Trump again used similar phrases and showed that he was deliberately provoking North Korea, then North Korea would also respond sharply. "The use of armed forces against the DPRK will be a frightful thing for the USA". Trump said he was raining "fire and rage" on North Korea and mocking Kim as a "small rocket man" while Kim trumped Trump's mind and said he "would tame the mentally disturbed U.S. dotard". Trump even said he and Kim "fell in love".

Trump issued his 2017 threat after North Korea tested the flight two intercontinental ballistic missiles and detonated what he called a hydrogen bomb in his sixth and most powerful underground nuclear test.

South Korea sees China as instrumental in reviving the stalemated nuclear talks between the United States and North Korea, a longtime ally of Beijing.

North Koreans are particularly sensitive to any perceived insults directed at the ruling Kim family.

Wang also repeated Beijing's criticism over new legislation signed by Trump last week that enables US authorities to impose sanctions on Chinese and Hong Kong officials responsible for human rights abuses in Hong Kong.