UK PM Johnson sees lead over Labour edge up - YouGov poll

Tuesday, 10 Dec, 2019

This election is especially unpredictable because the question of Brexit cuts across traditional party loyalties.

"This election is the most significant of our time".

"I would say the Irish Government's position is clear".

The pound traded up 0.2%.

But the immovable stance of the ultra-conservative party's 10 MPs on Brexit was the decisive factor in the failure of Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson to get the divorce deal he had reached with the European Union through parliament. The seat has always been Labour and there is not one Conservative councillor in Sandwell. "Of course, we are fighting for every vote; I think that this is a critical moment for this country", Johnson said.

It should be said that Boris Johnson is also expected to be on the defensive in the West this evening.

He again insisted that there would be no checks for goods travelling between Northern Ireland and Great Britain under his Brexit deal, saying the Government documents shared by Labour were "wrong".

Speakin to BBC 5 Live's Pienaar's Politics programme on Sunday she said "by definition you would need checks to see that that happens".

He said the final agreement was about facilitating both sides. He stood out for not sharing his fellow students' enthusiasm for defeating the Tories and Johnson's drive to "get Brexit done". It's very important for us in Northern Ireland - not just to have the word, but to have the detail. A video of the prime minister briefly declining to look at a photo of Jack had been viewed more than a million times by mid-afternoon Monday.

Regardless of this, Johnson informed Sky Information' Sophy Ridge that the report was "flawed", in an interview on Sunday morning, insisting that there "received't be checks" on the products.

The main opposition Labour Party has also been moving to shore up votes that it could have counted on in years past.

McDonnell replied that Labour was not against entrepreneurs and that all the party wanted to do was create a fair society and end "grotesque" inequality.

The story, and the prime minister's weird and wooden response to it, provided the ideal chance for Labour to punch at one of the Conservatives' vulnerabilities, just when they were trying to make a big play for voters who have traditionally stuck with the Labour Party for generations. "The Conservatives are the only alternative for Brexit fans and Democrats alike". "Opinion polls show that "remain" is slightly ahead, but not by much".

It's a change of direction for the Liberal Democrats, who have campaigned on a platform to cancel Brexit altogether - though Swinson said that remains the policy in the event of a Liberal Democrat majority.

Nevertheless, the prime minister did admit that some customs checks for objects crossing the Irish Sea could be put in place after Brexit, however mentioned these would exclusively be utilized to items travelling to the Republic of Eire.