Amazon Lawsuit Alleges Trump Abused Power in Huge Pentagon Cloud Contract

Четверг, 12 Дек, 2019

AWS claims it didn't earn the JEDI contract, which could be worth as much as $10 billion, on account of President Donald Trump's continuous public and private attacks against Amazon and, more directly, toward its CEO Jeff Bezos.

Of course, whether or not the courts actually care is another matter entirely, and it's doubtful that Bezos and Amazon will solicit much sympathy, seeing as some tech workers didn't want their work being used by the US military. In 2016, Trump said that when that he would become president, Amazon would "have problems" and that the company was "getting away with murder", according to the lawsuit. "("Amazon"), and owner of the Washington Post".

A challenge to the Defence Department's award announced in October was widely expected by legal experts, analysts and consultants, especially after Trump publicly derided Amazon's bid for the highstakes contract.

The White House didn't return an emailed request for comment Monday.

Nadella and members of the Microsoft Azure and public sector teams will meet with DOD CIO Dana Deasy and other senior defense IT leaders December 11-13 as part of "requisite activities to prepare the cloud environment", the department confirmed to FedScoop.

In the filing that was released Monday, Amazon said it didn't win the 10-year contract because of President Trump's open dislike of Jeffery Bezos, who is the CEO of Amazon and the owner of The Washington Post.

The company is calling for a court order directing the Defense Department to either re-consider the proposal or re-open discussion and make a new determination, the choose stated.

The lawsuit can be read right here (with some portions redacted; likely for security or privacy reasons), but we'll do our best to summarize some of Amazon's main complaints. Smith continues, adding, "There were no external influences on the source selection decision".

This lawsuit isn't the first indication we've seen that Amazon is displeased with its failure to obtain the defense contract.

The complaint said Pentagon "took numerous actions to systematically remove the advantages of AWS's technological and experiential superiority" and changed its interpretation of certain technical requirements at the 11th hour, including asking to develop new data centers "dedicated to handle classified Defense Department information". The "screw Amazon" remark refers to a statement from the book "Holding The Line: Inside Trump's Pentagon with Secretary Mattis" in which Mattis alleges that Donald Trump told Mattis to "screw Amazon" out of the $10 billion contract.

The company goes on to claim that Amazon's leading position as a cloud computing provider made it the natural choice to supply the Pentagon's JEDI contact, which is created to modernize and secure the USA military's networks across the globe.