Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa tweets NFL decision is coming Jan

Sunday, 05 Jan, 2020

"I think that'd be tough to pass up", he said at a December 5 press conference. "That's what we're going to continue to do and we're going to continue with that for Tua".

Regarded for some time as a high first-round draft pick and possibly the No. 1 overall selection, Tagovailoa had his junior season ended early when he was injured against Mississippi State.

Saban said this week that Tagovailoa is Alabama's only potential 2020 draft prospect given a grade within the first 15 picks.

Tagovailoa said he will announce his decision on January 6.

Tagovailoa had been noncommittal about his future since the injury.

"While doing this, I plan to give 110 percent effort to lead my teammates on and off the field, while setting a good example for them to follow".

His father's statement, released Thursday on social media by Dylan Moses, said Dylan had received a second-round draft grade from the National Football League advisory committee. "And when I look at it, I kind of look at it if I come back, the risk is, 'What if I get hurt again?' But the reward could be maybe I jump back to the top of the charts, the boards for all these teams".

"Football is not who I am".

"Not at all", Smith said. But I do have a feeling after talking to many people about the subject, and that feeling is that he returns. "You have to make business decisions". "I'm going to make a decision that's best for me". Moses and McMillon were both projected to start for Alabama this year.

The statement goes on to say that Edward Moses Jr. was representing his son during negotiations with Alabama "to insure and to secure the proper protections for his return back to the University of Alabama's football team for his senior season". "I don't know what everybody else's decision is, but you just have to see".