GOP Sen. Josh Hawley vows to seek dismissal of impeachment articles

Sunday, 05 Jan, 2020

The Republican's fundraising has outpaced his Democratic challengers. In a Washington Post op-ed column, Jones said that for Americans to have confidence in the impeachment process, "the Senate must conduct a full, fair and complete trial with all relevant evidence regarding the president's conduct". The House has not sent the articles of impeachment to the Senate.

"President Trump should get the same treatment that every single senator thought was fair for President Clinton".

"We've heard claims it's a problem that I've discussed trial mechanics with the White House", McConnell said, "Even as my counterpart the Democratic leader has openly coordinated political strategy with the speaker, who some might call the prosecution".

The House and Senate gaveled in for brief sessions Friday with the crisis in the Middle East only adding to the uncertainty about how lawmakers will proceed with the impeachment trial, only the third in US history. That's really out there in terms of constitutional law, but everything about this impeachment process has been norm-breaking.

The president faces a trial in the US Senate, where a Republican majority is expected to acquit him on charges of abuse of office and obstruction of Congress.

On Thursday, top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer said Duffey's email "further implicates" Trump and compromises McConnell's push to have a trial without documents and witnesses as sought by Democrats.

The arguments came in the administration's appeal of a November 25 ruling by U.S. District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson that McGahn must comply with an April subpoena from the Democratic-led House of Representatives Judiciary Committee.

A federal judge threw out a lawsuit that former national security adviser John Bolton had said would determine whether he testified in the House's impeachment inquiry. With Republicans controlling the Senate 53-47, Democrats can not force subpoenas on their own. On Monday Susan Collins (R-Maine) said she was "open to witnesses", though she thought decisions on whom to call should wait until after arguments by lawyers and the responses to questions submitted by senators.

McConnell previously rejected Schumer's proposed witnesses and criticized Schumer for his "eleven-paragraph letter," which was "delivered by way of the news media" as opposed to a face-to-face meeting.

Pelosi's remarks also come as the majority of voters say they want the speaker to submit the articles to McConnell with 58% of respondents supporting the decision, according to a Harvard CAPS / Harris poll released Friday. "We sure have. Especially in light of the precedent-breaking theatrics that House Democrats chose to engage in", McConnell said. He added that the Trump administration would soon brief senators on the operation that led to Soleimani's death.

She also said there are Democratic members of the Senate who are "not giving the appearance of and the reality of judging this in an impartial way".

"In other words, witnesses/no witnesses isn't a binary: there are a lot of smaller procedural trade-offs that can be made", Chafetz wrote in an email to The Fix.