Signs Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Would Step Down

Saturday, 11 Jan, 2020

"For example, if you look at their statement on the wildfire situation in Australia, you see the use of the word 'ecocide, '" he said.

An image of the monarch, Charles, William and his son George released last week underscored the message of who the Windsors see as their core members. The couple's view was they came back and wanted to talk to the family about their plans. But Samantha Markle, appearing on Inside Edition on Thursday, argued that Meghan knew that she would be living in the public spotlight upon marrying Harry.

But Prince Harry should no more be trapped in a life determined by the accident of his privileged and wealthy birth than a child born in abject poverty.

The Queen simply said: "Harry, will you be coming with the family to Sandringham for Christmas?"

The Queen gave Harry permission to say publicly that he had her support in travelling overseas for Christmas.

The royal family is said to be "hurt" by Harry and Meghan's decision to step down from their royal role, with reports claiming they were not told of the statement beforehand. The major royal news and subsequent rumored turmoil sent all of us reeling, and it resulted in some fairly epic responses from us commoners on social media.

With that said, for a family known to uphold its traditions, the Sussexes could face a lot more difficulties than they imagined. Under the current "Royal Rota" system, accredited media gain access to royal engagements on a sharing pool basis.

Meanwhile, The Hubb Community Kitchen is clearly an endeavour that's close to the heart the Duke and Duchess; in early December they shared some throwback photos from their visit there in December 2018. While she agreed to meet, she explained that plans for his role should be handled by Prince Charles.

"There's enthusiasm for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle because in many ways, they're celebrities", said John Wright, a partner at Dart.

Aside from purchasing a new home in Los Angeles (and maybe Canada), Harry and Meghan will need to pay for security around the clock.

Last night an insider questioned the couple's intentions to spend half their time in North America while retaining a taxpayer-funded royal residence in the UK. "And I think it will end up in tears".

"The constitutional situation is extremely complex because they're [Prince Harry and Meghan] not taking into account that he has military appointments".

Senior members of the royal family were disappointed by the move, a royal source said. "Is he saying he's no longer going to recognize his position in the line of succession?"

Harry has remained behind to manage the crisis the pair's move sparked. While the Queen appoints the governor general, it's on the advice of the prime minister.

From a practical standpoint, Los Angeles gives Prince Harry and Meghan a big enough platform to do charitable work. The former actress allegedly flew to North America without her husband, Prince Harry, after the couple made the surprising announcement about their royal departure. The connection between The Duchess and these women began a year prior, as she supported them in the creation of "Together", a charity cookbook which celebrates the power of cooking to bring communities together.