The PS5 still has big surprises to come, teases Sony

Sunday, 12 Jan, 2020

"Veronica brings a wealth of experience leading global sales organizations, managing strategic partnerships, developing innovative business models, and building world-class teams", said Jim Ryan, President and CEO, of Sony Interactive Entertainment via a press statement. According to Sony, the new haptic feedback controllers allow the player to feel a "broader range of feedback".

Sony took the stage at CES 2020 to unveil its unique vision for the future, which apparently includes Sony cars, high-end Sony 8K TV, and the PS5, of course.

"The CEO also elaborated on what it feels like to overthrow the brand new PS5 control, the DualShock 5, including that playing Gran Turismo Sport With the approaching gamepad is similar to a" entirely different experience", therefore excellent to use, "You cannot return to the first [DualShock 4]" later setting it on your own. While it works well with the previous controller, there is no recoil after you experience the detailed surface of the road through the haptic control and play with the adaptive triggers. Ryan is aware that not all over 100 million PS4 users will immediately switch to PlayStation 5. "We haven't announced [the] bigger differences yet", Ryan said.

The upcoming sequel has a May 29 release date on PS4, although it has already run into multiple delays.

Both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X will release around the holiday 2020.

It's important for there to be consistency between all PlayStation brand products.

The Last of Us made its debut on the PS3 back in 2013, but was ported over to the PS4 approximately a year later. We have an obligation to keep them happy, interested, and absorbed [in PlayStation]. This kind of colour scheme is now being leveraged by the platform holder on the PlayStation Blog, and while it could be a coincidence, we can't help but wonder whether the organisation is teasing something.

If I were to guess what all we can really do now, I'd look for some kind of PlayStation 5 towards February or March.

Last year, the Internet heard about a leak called the "GitHub Oberon Leak", which was backed by many insiders and even by Digital Foundry.