Blaze kills firefighter in Australia

Monday, 13 Jan, 2020

"I think it is going to be a long run", Emergency Victoria state response controller Gary Cook told Today.

"Family and fellow emergency personnel are being informed and will be supported", Forest Fires Management Chief Fire Officer Chris Hardman said in a statement. On Thursday, he found himself on the defensive again over an awkward exchange he had with locals on fire-ravaged Kangaroo Island. "Although we have tremendous experience in identifying risky trees, sometimes these tree failures can not be predicted", said Hardman.

The tragedy brings the death toll to at least 27 in a crisis that has destroyed more than 2,000 homes and burned an area larger than the USA state of in since September. Four of the casualties were firefighters.

Speers addressed the criticism the Prime Minister has faced over his holiday to Hawaii during the bushfire crisis.

As deadly bushfires swept across Australia, tens of thousands of people rallied in multiple cities on January 10, calling for the conservative government to act on global warming. Morrison on Friday also rejected the connection between the fires and climate change.

Mr Morrison and his Government's response to the disaster has been slammed by affected residents.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has come under withering criticism both at home and overseas for downplaying the need for his government to address climate change, which experts say helps supercharge the blazes.

Harris said he was disappointed in the destruction of the environment and that people should pay attention to the more sustainable way in which autochthonous Australians previously lived.

"The government's policies are determined by the cabinet".

"That is the position of the government - let there be no dispute about that", he said. "Adaptation and resilience is key to that", Mr Morrison said. Associated Press writer Rod McGuirk of Canberra, Australia contributed to this report.

The fires have had devastating effects on Australia's ecosystem and air quality.

New South Wales (NSW) Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons told a media briefing the respite was an opportunity to consolidate and try and get the upper hand on the fires.

"This fire took a major run about seven or eight days ago, and with the weather changing now, the weather settling down, the fire has settled down", he said.

It is easy to assume that as a citizen there is little we can do, but in democratic societies we have the power to vote for representatives that will make the environment a priority. Conditions were milder on Saturday and the forecast remained relatively benign for next week.

A firefighter has been killed while battling the Australian wildfire crisis, taking the death toll to 27 people since September. Massive bushfires in southeastern Australia have a 'long way to go, ' authorities have warned, even as colder conditions brought some relief to exhausted firefighters and communities.

Wonthaggi father-of-two Bill Slade, 60, was struck by a tree while working at the edge of a fire at Anglers Rest near Omeo on Saturday.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Sunday that he will propose a royal commission for the bushfire crisis affecting the country, admitting that things "could have done much better".

"The conditions are hard today", said Shane Fitzsimmons, rural fire service commissioner for New South Wales state, after days of relative calm. It deals with floods, with cyclones, with the drought that is affected by these broader issues.

Demonstrators held up signs including "change the politics not the climate" and "trust the science", and called for Morrison to step down.

Mr Morrison said the scale of the bushfires was "unprecedented" and had created a situation in which Australians were demanding a greater response from the federal government than had been provided in the past. Another junior lawmaker, Craig Kelly, has also publicly denied any link between climate change and the fire crisis.

In fact, only 24 of those people were charged over alleged deliberately-lit bushfires, many more were accused of unsafely discarding cigarettes or breaking bans on the use of equipment like barbecues or angle grinders during periods of high fire risk.

The bushfires ravaging Australia have devastated 25 million acres and killed almost one billion animals.

"There has been a deep scar in the landscape that has been left right across our country", Morrison said.

"It's disappointing that the Australian community will be left to pick up the tab for a climate-fueled disaster", she added.