Iowa caucuses voting chaos caused by Android app

Thursday, 06 Feb, 2020

In this era of foreign meddling and skepticism among American voters about how secure our elections really are, we badly need a process the American people can have faith in, and that is as fair and accessible as is possible.

Social media reactions ranged from demands that the voter be named and shamed to puzzlement regarding why a Bible-reading woman was a member of the Democratic Party at all. "The satellites account for way less than 1% of the total caucuses", Canon said.

Former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is maintaining his lead over Berne Sanders in a key metric out of Iowa, although state party officials there have yet to release all of the vote after a tech issue caused chaos. "And so I stuck with my decision to go ahead and call in the results on caucus night", said Bye.

"Often when you build an app, particularly an app that's only going to be used for a short period but it's going to be hit hard, you've got to do a major stress test on it and make sure it'll handle the load; otherwise it's going to fail", Enderle said. - Camp accused the DNC, the "mainstream moderate candidates", and holdovers from failed 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton's deep-pocketed political machine of conspiring to "undermine Bernie Sanders' campaign in a million different ways".

Seventy-one percent of the precinct results have been announced so far. Shadow's Chief Executive Officer Gerard Niemira didn't respond to emails or phone calls.

"This is a very clear lesson of why paper records are critical", says Eddie Perez of the Open Source Election Technology Institute, a former executive at the voting machine manufacturer Hart InterCivic.

The problem, Freeman said, is that a lackluster start in Iowa makes the Biden-Sanders juxtaposition a much harder sell.

Sanders, a 78-year-old self-described democratic socialist, has been a progressive powerhouse for decades. In May of a year ago, the couple appeared on the cover of Time magazine. The startup's products were incorporated into Shadow, which Acronym said it "launched" past year. Meanwhile, after the delay became apparent, on MSNBC Plouffe downplayed his ties. "It was news to me".

The problems on Monday weren't the first sign of trouble at Shadow.

MONTANARO: You know, for Biden, this is not a good result. Still, with the big deal about Iowa being that it goes first and sets expectations, to a degree, for how the rest of the nominating process will go, this kind of screwup is not sitting well with anyone. Elesha Gayman, the Democratic Party Chair in Scott County, said their attempts were complicated by measures put in place to protect the reporting system against outside attacks.

According to state Democratic officials, 62% of the caucus results were released.

"We fully understand the first two states on the primary calendar work against candidates whose base of support comes from the breadth of the Democratic electorate", he said.

Rejoice traders. The Iowa caucus debacle likely means risk on for stocks, especially as fears over the coronavirus subside a touch.

"If the Iowa Democratic Party had had more transparency here-if there had been more information about the app, about its developer, about the process under which it was configured and tested and so forth, all of that information creates a firmer ground to give credence to what they say", Perez says.