Apple shares updated App Store review guidelines

Sunday, 08 Mar, 2020

Apple is removing all coronavirus-related mobile software not from recognized health organizations or the government, reports CNBC. People with an app installed for their favourite clothing brand, for example, may welcome a push notification to alert them when a sale is on.

Apple isn't the only tech company that wants to crack down on coronavirus misinformation. Another was told that "apps with information about current medical information need to be submitted by a recognized institution".

The ability for Apple fans to grab an iPhone 12 at launch has been under threat, according to reports, with COVID-19 coronavirus apparently causing serious issues in the phone's China-based manufacturing processes. It looks at both where the health data comes from and whether the developers represent organizations that users can trust to publish accurate data, like governments or health-focused organizations, according to a person familiar with the matter.

As spotted by 9to5Mac, Apple up to date its App Store guidelines at this time with a change to its historically strict restrictions round push notifications.

Apple is also putting the squeeze on a developer's dream of cashing in on kids, Going forward, it is banning third-party analytics or third-party advertising from child-oriented apps.

Because of all that, search results on the App Store show few apps related to the virus.

"We do this by offering a highly curated App Store where every app is reviewed by experts and an editorial team helps users discover new apps every day".

Google doesn't appear to be totally prohibiting autonomous applications with coronavirus information, CNBC notes.

The change follows a pair incidents over the previous two years by which Apple bent its personal guidelines by sending out push notifications that learn so much like advertisements. This means users in the USA are able to see the new apps and presently in India users will not get the same search result. This will allow users to toggle off App Store review prompts across all apps from the iOS settings.

With plenty of scaremongering about the COVID-19 coronavirus, Apple is doing its part to stop the spread of misinformation related to the outbreak.

Google also has its rules for its play store that prevent apps that capitalize on natural disasters or tragic events.