The NHL has suspended its season

Sunday, 15 Mar, 2020

Players with families living outside the home city of a team can join them, but must inform the clubs.

The NHL first announced Thursday morning that teams were not allowed to hold morning skates, practices or team meetings. "Right now, the world's focus must remain on people staying healthy and recovering from these challenging times".

"If anybody in organization gets virus, obviously we'll have to test", Alberts said.

For this exercise, since it's a hypothetical, points percentage (rather than points) will be used for the simple reason that teams have played differing numbers of games (between 68 and 71 of their scheduled 82).

From Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly on next steps for players during this pause. Vancouver no longer has to rush goalie Jacob Markstrom back into the lineup.

We reached out to our sources at Bodog to get more of their thoughts. Fehr said. "You do as much as you can as soon as you can when conditions permit". That takes us to the end of March.

"That would be the goal", Bettman said in a phone interview with The AP and the NHL's website.

"Public health and safety are a priority at a time like this", Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid said in a statement released by the club. "We have to keep ourselves in shape and as sharp as we can if we start up again".

In the meantime, Fehr says players have been asked to spend the weekend at home to avoid risk of being infected by the new coronavirus. The responsibility for making up that shortfall would fall on the players, who would likely lose every cent of the 14 percent escrow deductions from their checks and might even owe the league a rebate. He said "several contingencies" are being evaluated and didn't rule out the possibility of playing in empty arenas.

A pair of National Basketball Association players on the Utah Jazz have been diagnosed with the virus and the Jazz have played road games against the Detroit Pistons, Boston Celtics and New York Knicks over the past week. There are some 700 players among the 31 National Hockey League teams across North America.

Coming off a 3-2 loss to the Los Angeles Kings Wednesday night, the Senators will head home instead of moving onto the Windy City to face the Chicago Blackhawks Friday night at the United Center after the league's board of governors chose to suspend play Thursday afternoon. "And rest assured, especially for our athlete population, that those guys are in the very best of shape".

The NHLPA tells ESPN that any change to the regular-season or playoff format would have to be mutually agreed upon between the players and the owners, per the CBA.

That is hard to say at this time. "As more information becomes available, we will continue to communicate with the public about our operations and how the evolving situation may impact you".

Gobert seems to be fine but with the disease as contagious as it is, he may have spread it to hundreds of players.

It does come at a hard time as the National Hockey League playoff races are heating up and the Wild are right in the thick of that fight.

No one really knows what that'll look like.

After defeating Edmonton on Wednesday night in what might have been the final game of the regular season, Winnipeg pushed Vancouver out of a wild card spot in the West.

The Tampa Bay Lightning, who followed the Jazz into two arenas last weekend and occupied the same locker room while in Boston, said deep cleaning and sanitizing was done before they arrived.