How the new CBA impacts the Redskins in 2020 and beyond

Среда, 18 Мар, 2020

NFL players have voted to approve a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) that will expand the playoff field and allow owners the option to lengthen the regular season, the NFL Players' Association (NFLPA) said on Sunday.

Two other important issues in this CBA involved the length of the season and how many teams would now be eligible to play in the postseason, but for more details on the drama that surrounded this newly proposed CBA, check out our recent coverage: Will the New NFL CBA Be Approved?

Until a full copy of the NFL's new collective bargaining agreement with its players becomes available, it is impossible to do a final tally on who really won, who lost and what the agreement's greatest assets and liabilities are.

The change in the new CBA pension offerings underscores the longstanding push to improve pensions for retired players, especially for those who finished before the 1993 CBA granted players free agency and other benefits. It's the first time the league has expanded the regular season since expanding from 14 games to 16 in 1978. That minimum salary could double over the life of the CBA in 2030.

General manager Ryan Pace has until the start of the new league year, still set for Wednesday, to keep Floyd or part ways with him and save $13.2 million in cap space. While they did not release terms, multiple outlets reported it's a four-year deal worth $118 million, with $62 million fully guaranteed.

With no labor strike or lockout coming, the National Football League stands to make more money in the near future with TV deals, which should lead to an inflated salary cap in the next few years. That means we'll get a total of six Wild Card games, with only the No. 1 team in each conference receiving a bye-week. There's also Anthony Costanzo re-signing with the Indianapolis Colts for two more years, Brandon Scherff getting the franchise tag from the Washington Redskins and the Baltimore Ravens getting Calais Campbell from the Jacksonville Jaguars for a song. "Not only have former and current players, as well as supporters, banded together, but everyone involved achieved something that will change so many lives".

The headline from the new agreement is the chance to add a 17th game to the regular season schedule. There will be labor peace, there will be football, there will be no lockout next summer. Positive tests for THC will not get suspensions.

In addition to an increase in a team's roster, practice squads will also expand. "Yes minimum salary was raised but at the cost of the players who paved the way physically/psychologically just to be short changed w/o a voice to defend their benefits". The gameday roster has been increased from 46 to 48, and the practice squad will grow from 10 to 12 next season.