Joe Biden pledges to choose a woman as his running mate

Thursday, 19 Mar, 2020

After Biden's announcement, Sanders said he would "in all likelihood" do the same.

Both candidates say they will campaign exclusively online for now, a scenario unheard of at the height of a USA presidential primary battle. Add in that the states were pushing early voting and vote-by-mail even before the outbreak and many fewer voters are expected to appear Tuesday at their neighborhood precinct.

He laid out a coronavirus plan to make testing free and widely available, establish mobile sites and drive-through facilities in each state and provide more help for small businesses hurt by the resulting economic slowdown.

And then there were two. "Do not worry about the cost right now, because we are in the middle of a national emergency". This is like a war. But Biden didn't really want to get into it.

He called for expanding hospital capacity, erecting temporary medical facilities and said unequivocally he would call on the USA military to help respond to the outbreak. Sanders' tone was once now not one among defiance, however of realism, ticking off a checklist of coverage targets he would press Biden on on the debate, starting from medically similar debt and coping with local weather alternate as to if he would veto "Medicare for All".

Biden said he would appoint an African-American woman to the Supreme Court, which has only one African-American, Clarence Thomas, a conservative.

But Biden made news at the latest CNN debate on March 15 with a new commitment to choose a woman as his vice president, if he wins the nomination.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders both explained how they were protecting themselves against coronavirus during Sunday night's Democratic debate - as they coughed and sniffed through the back-and-forth.

Biden did affirmatively pledge to name a woman as his vice presidential nominee, which may, down the road, help pull in young liberals.

Sanders, when pressed by Bash if he would choose a woman as his vice presidential pick, he was less definitive. "It is making sure we have a progressive woman, and there are progressive women out there, so my very strong tendency is to move in that direction".

Their first one-on-one debate after the other candidates who had qualified for debates dropped out took place before Tuesday's party poll in Arizona. Biden argued that America needed a more focused response and an emulation of the tactics used by the Obama adminstration to combat the 2014 Ebola outbreak. You know, again, there's a question of whether that will actually all transpire.

"There's a kind of confusion going on in the American electorate about that", Webber told VOA from her office on the ISU campus in Bloomington, Illinois. "You're not anxious about income coming in".

Reminders of the crisis were never far away: there was no live audience, the two candidates bumped forearms instead of shaking hands, their podiums were the requisite six feet apart and the severity of the global pandemic dominated the first half of the two-hour contest.

Based on World Health Organization, individuals with delicate sickness get well in about two weeks, whereas these with extra extreme sickness could take three to 6 weeks to get well. "What is going to happen to them?"

Sanders was the campaign's putative leader just weeks ago, but he is the clear underdog now.

"We can do it in a way that protects people", DeSantis said. "They're looking for results they need right now".

It is still shocking how quickly fortunes have changed for Biden and Sanders.

In Illinois, there's no process for canceling or postponing the vote, said Matt Dietrich, spokesman for the State Board of Elections.