Yankees have second minor leaguer test positive for coronavirus

Четверг, 19 Мар, 2020

It's been delayed by at least eight weeks because of the coronavirus outbreak.

They do, however, receive room and board while in spring training, two meals a day at the team's complex and a weekly per diem to cover a meal a day away from team facilities. "We did agree with the MLBPA that spring training sites would remain open, but the thought there is with a skeleton crew, really to give players some place to use a gym, as opposed to being forced out into a public gym and the like". Those perks were seemingly yanked away when teams scrambled to send their minor league players home - with the exception of rehabbers - as the pandemic approached a tipping point.

The Brewers, along with Major League Baseball, are making monetary donations to ballpark employees who cannot work due to the coronavirus.

The team is following health officials' directives, and the Yankees have quarantined their minor league players.

The decision was made after the commissioner, Robert D. Manfred Jr., had a conference call with all 30 baseball clubs.

Red Sox president and CEO Sam Kennedy confirmed Boston's involvement Tuesday evening, issuing a statement pledging $1 million to help the club's seasonal workers at Fenway Park and JetBlue Park. The Twins played 113 games in 1994 before a strike ended the season August 11.

Stadium workers, including ushers, security personnel and concessions workers, typically are paid by the game or by the hour.

On top of juggling that, pay for Minor League players (and those not on a 40-man roster) has become a pressing matter.

Manfred said each club would announce specific details to its community while complying with national and local laws as well as collective bargaining agreements.

The teams wanted to help them because like the players, these seasonal employees have been part of the basis on which the Major League Baseball has been operating on.