After more than 6 months, Overwatch introduces newest hero, Echo

Пятница, 20 Мар, 2020

There's no details on how Echo will function as a hero yet, but since the robot is meant to be joining the game in the near future, it's likely Blizzard will release more info soon.

It seems as though Echo is built with the goal of continuing her creator's mission. It was for this knowledge actually that Soldier 76 wanted her in his team.

The entry also references Liao's "new project" which many believed to be Echo, an android that was previously shown in the Overwatch: Reunion cinematic. She could for example immediately learn how to drive a auto, or help her team by healing them.

While a few new Overwatch heroes have now been confirmed to be in development, those who have played the game for some time will know that it takes time for characters to officially roll out, with Hero 31 (Sigma) arriving in July 2019 and Hero 32 (Echo) arriving in March this year. She even got her own consciousness through adaptive learning. Her second ability is her Sticky Bombs, which are a small group of explosive bombs that attach to the first thing they hit (including players) and explode for high damage.

To atone for her actions Dr Liao joined Overwatch and ended up creative Echo. There are plenty of old threads to follow up on and plenty of new places to expand on the Overwatch story.

What are you hoping to see from Echo? Yesterday, Overwatch's Twitter account released an image of a log entry by Dr. Mina Liao, an original founding member of Overwatch, and creator of the Athena prototype. Designed as one of the flagship heroes of a game that would never see the light of day, she wielded particle beams and shields while augmenting her movements with a speed boost. For the first time, you can add a bot version of any hero in the training range so you can practice replicating their moves. The focus for the next couple of heroes, will be on Overwatch 2.