Water Board calls for public not to flush wipes or paper towels

Воскресенье, 22 Мар, 2020

Most urban centers have centralized wastewater collection systems that depend on gravity and sufficient water flow to transport human waste and biodegradable toilet paper.

Do you have enough toilet paper to last during the COVID-19 crisis? This website will let you know.

If you do get a clogged toilet, Nepean's Out of This World Plumbing shared a video on how to tackle it with a plunger.

While labeled as "flushable" Wilson said the wipes don't actually break-down the same way toilet paper does. "We are hoping that people will use the site and see they don't need to go out and empty the shelves".

One California city is warning its residents to stick to toilet paper after a shredded T-shirt flushed down the toilet caused a sewer backup.

The calculator has many options to estimate how long your toilet paper supply will last.

"What that causes in our system is major, major problems at our lift stations".

If you flush the wipes down your home's pipes, the region says they could cause a clog, which in turn could lead to flooding. "And what that means is it will bring sewer into people's homes and businesses".

Wastewater management officials in Redding said workers had to take swift action to prevent a risky spill after the soiled fabric caused a backup. "Such blockages are preventable and by following the simple 3Ps guidance together we can ensure the network is fully effective".

Putting the paper towels in a plastic bag will help keep fecal matter from contaminating the trash.