Canada coronavirus death toll jumps nearly 50% in less than a day

Monday, 23 Mar, 2020

"It is an extremely hard situation but the lockdowns of various countries, the limits on air travel, the logistical capacities of our airlines means that we are unlikely to bring everyone home", Trudeau said Saturday.

In Nova Scotia, the province's Health Protection Act will allow police to enforce orders related to self-isolation and social distancing, as well as fine individuals $1,000 for not adhering to the rules.

For his part, Trudeau did not rule out declaring a federal state of emergency but said for now said that Ottawa would see how municipal and provincial actions play out. But if that fails the federal government will step in.

The government does not feel it needs to invoke the Emergency Measures Act at this time.

The Canadian death toll from the coronavirus outbreak jumped nearly 50% percent to 19 in less than a day and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau predicted on Sunday the crisis would last for months.

"We will also be working with other countries to ensure our airlines have the permission and other logistical measures necessary to take these flights", said Trudeau.

"Asking them and recommending them and I am hoping that we don't have to get to ordering them", she said when asked what her message to Canadians is.

The federal government has indicated they're looking at only calling in a couple of dozen MPs for a quorum.

The Canadian government revealed a more than $1 billion COVID-19 response package March 11.

So a special thanks to all you kids.

Village Media will provide updates as information is announced. Health Canada approved two test kits that would be able to turn results around within hours instead of days, as an example, he said.

"We're going to have more to say to you soon, so stay tuned".

In the meantime the government is moving forward on ways to mitigate the economic impact of the outbreak. Members of Parliament will debate and work to pass the legislation as quickly as possible.

"We want to boost the Canada child benefit, introduce new benefits to help people who don't qualify for employment insurance and supplement the GST credit", he says.