Echo is the next character heading to Overwatch

Wednesday, 25 Mar, 2020

Blizzard expects a "prolonged [testing] period" for Echo, so hang tight for her live-game debut. Are you going to play on the PTR to test her?

If her Ultimate called "Duplicate" sounds a bit overpowered, it seems to be just that. We got a look at what Echo will offer teams when she joins the fight as a new Damage hero.

Sticky Bombs (Secondary Fire) Echo fires a volley of sticky bombs that detonate after a delay. Players who know what they're doing will probably even be able to lock down whole segments of the map, making the area of denial potential for Echo even greater. Her Focusing Beam will also allow for explosive damage for a short time.

From the video, it seems like Liao was the victim of an attack at her laboratory, most likely by the omnics themselves. It also turns out Echo features the same voice, as well as ideals and mannerisms, as her creator. On prime of this, she comes packing a candy sounding Duplicate potential that permits her to focus on an enemy hero and use their skills as in the event that they had been hers.

What do you think of Echo's abilities? The only downside? Whoever Echo is duplicating gains their Ult charge way faster. It lets Echo choose an enemy character's role and use their abilities for a set amount of time. There's always a risk involved. Hero 32 will be Echo, who Blizzard confirmed for release at BlizzCon 2019 with their Overwatch 2 announcement. On the bright side, Jeff Kaplan stated that "there is a big list of supports and tanks in development for Overwatch 2" in the talk with IGN, linked in the previous sentence. "And along with that, my ult era as Reinhardt throughout that timeframe is extraordinarily accelerated, to the objective the place with some characters-Tracer for instance, we have seen it with Roadhog-Echo within the type of these characters can really get off a number of final talents".