Coronavirus Vaccine Will Be Trialed on Humans in U.K

Пятница, 24 Апр, 2020

According to the secretary, the government is "throwing everything at" developing a new successful vaccine, and two of the leading vaccine developments around the world are taking place in the United Kingdom, at the universities of Oxford and Imperial College, Sputnik reported.

Under the government's five-pillar strategy, swab testing has been offered to different groups in a phased approach, prioritising NHS workers, but the ultimate aim is that anyone who needs a test will be able to have one.

He explained that once people are registered on the website they will receive an email inviting them to book an appointment.

Test results from the drive-through sites will be sent out by text within 48 hours, and within 72 hours of collection of the home delivery tests.

"This test, track and trace will be vital to stop a second peak of the virus", Hancock said.

Tests of the vaccine are also planned in the US once regulatory approval for testing on humans has been secured there.

All essential workers and households will be able to "get a [coronavirus] test" tomorrow (Friday) according to Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Ms Guthrie said she applied to be part of the Oxford trial after spotting an advert on Twitter.

The test involves taking a swab of the nose and the back of the throat, which can be done by the person themselves (self-administered) or by someone else.

Mr Hancock stated that developing the vaccine is not an exact science but he said the two teams who were working on the vaccine were making rapid progress with more than enough backing.

Another 4583 positive COVID-19 tests also means that at least 138,078 people have now contracted the virus from a total of 425,8221 examinations.

But Mr Hancock tried to downplay the ONS figures, telling the daily news conference the 40 per cent figure was "not an accurate representation of those figures".

Meanwhile, England's deputy chief medical officer Professor Jonathan Van-Tam said yesterday that new case numbers "remain high and it isn't clear that there's an enormous downturn at this point".

"We need to balance between mitigating economic loss from the outbreak and reducing the death toll". If there is no lockdown then people will start moving on roads and to their works and in such a situation, social distancing will be of no more concern.

But the current crisis makes it a necessary gamble, she told AFP. However, he said that nothing can be said about this process right now.

In the event that early human testing proves successful, Hancock said the government would be prepared to take the process to the next step.