Germany to start first clinical tests on coronavirus vaccine

Saturday, 25 Apr, 2020

In Germany, regulatory body PEI approved the country's first human clinal trials on volunteers for the potential vaccine which has been developed by German biotech firm Biontech and U.S. giant Pfizer.

These clinical trials will initially be carried out on 200 healthy volunteers aged from 18 to 55 years.

Several other big drugmakers like J&J and Glaxo as well as smaller biotechs like Vaxart and Kamada, Inovio among others are also engaged in developing vaccines using different existing technology/platform. Developed by BioNTech SE, an immunotherapy company, and Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company, the potential coronavirus vaccine has completed pre-clinical studies in Germany. If the vaccine shows positive results, further trials will be conducted on people with a higher risk of infection.

Germany will be testing on the participants as the United Kingdom gears up to start the human trials on Thursday, April 23.

The trial is a "significant step" in making a vaccine "available as soon as possible", said PEI.

It is reported that the trial of the vaccine produced by the company Biontech, which with regulatory approval to start testing on volunteers. BNT162 will be tested once the regulatory approval for humans has been secured. Germany's CureVac and the US biotech Moderna, have developed their messenger-RNA vaccines.

According to the figures from Johns Hopkins University, the coronavirus caused more than 177,000 people to die, while it infected approximately 2.5 million people.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said there are about 20 different potential COVID-19 vaccines now in development. In China, Phase I and II of the clinical trials have been combined to speed up the process.

Dr Amalina announces on Twitter she will be part of UK's first Covid-19 vaccine trials. The trial is set to begin on Thursday.

As expected, around 500 volunteers to register in the program by the middle of May, with the British authority funding £20m to the research. The British government has also pledged 20 million sterling to the research as well.

"The Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicines, has authorised the first clinical trial of a vaccine against COVID-19 in Germany".