NY hospitalization rate down again, pharmacies to become test collection sites

Понедельник, 27 Апр, 2020

As testing is increasing, NY needs more collection sites, so the governor is authorizing independent pharmacists to be collection sites for COVID-19 testing.

As effects of the state's outbreak become less severe, he explained that NY will collaborate with local officials as well as neighboring governors to "reopen in phases, based on regional analysis".

Cuomo is NY from start to finish. Instead, it will be businesses in those sectors that prove they are low-risk, he said.

"I assume, and my educated guess, is that independent pharmacists will take us up on this", Cuomo said.

Cuomo warned that there will need to be two weeks between the phases so "we can monitor what we just did" otherwise "we could lose" all of the work done "if we're not careful". While he is great in a crisis, he also implemented some very significant changes in NY. "No, you send one mask to NY to help a nurse or doctor".

"Enclosed find a solitary N95 mask leftover from my farming days".

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Friday pointed to research showing that strains of the novel coronavirus entered his state from Europe, not China, and said that travel bans enacted by US President Donald Trump were too late to halt its spread.

New York will also be conducting antibody testing for frontline healthcare workers at four hospitals around New York City, which were hard hit by the virus.

"A farmer in northeast Kansas", Cuomo said today after reading the letter aloud.

Thailand reported 53 new coronavirus cases and the death of a 48-year-old Thai man who was infected with the virus along with four other family members. According to the most recent statistics included in Johns Hopkins University's resource center, more than 940,000 people have tested positive for the respiratory disease nationwide as of Sunday morning, and 54,000 have died as a result. He reported 422 additional deaths, the lowest daily total since March 31.

Any employee that's been deemed essential by the state - which ranges widely from members of law enforcement to dry cleaners - will now be eligible to be tested for COVID-19.

He then goes on to detail the state's plans to expand testing criteria to include all first responders, healthcare workers and essential employees.

"Every expert ... every one of them projected that it would be at least 100,000 more serious infections in the state of NY", he said, referencing various studies that originally projected higher rates of infection in NY state than have recently been seen. Next week, transit workers and state and city police will also receive antibody testing.

Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday that the state had expanded its testing eligibility criteria to allow for more people to get tested.

The US has 939,235 confirmed cases. Alongside Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and the National Governors Association, Cuomo also helped introduce a bipartisan bill earlier this month requesting $500 billion in federal aid to states.

"This recovery has to have that NY spirit that everyone matters", de Blasio said.