Cuomo wants to 'reimagine' rather than reopen NY after lockdown

Вторник, 28 Апр, 2020

NY will on Saturday (April 25) begin conducting antibody tests for workers at four hospitals hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic and will allow local pharmacies to begin collecting samples for diagnostic tests, Governor Andrew Cuomo said. The state will perform antibody tests on transit workers in downstate NY next week.

"Every expert ... every one of them projected that it would be at least 100,000 more serious infections in the state of NY", he said, referencing various studies that originally projected higher rates of infection in NY state than have recently been seen.

"I don't know much about UV rays", Cuomo said.

"We need that trend to go down week over week".

Georgia, which has been reopening nonessential businesses, added five deaths after eight the day before for a total of 912 in 11th place.

"One caveat is you can't do anything in any region that would increase the number of visitors to that region", the governor said. Even if statewide hospitalizations continue to decrease, a region with less favorable numbers may have to wait for their economy to reopen, Cuomo said.

The governor of the USA state of NY has outlined a plan to reopen economic activity in phases and by regions amid the coronavirus pandemic. "The way back will be driven by data, science, and common sense", Murphy said in a tweet.

Q. If you test positive, what happens? "So that's something we have to pay attention to". Cuomo called the latest death toll "flat" but still "terrible, disgusting news".

'I will extend them in many parts of the state but in some parts. you can make the case that we should unpause by May 15. Ad - Cheapest managed VPS plans in the world. "Be creative. Try to figure it out", Cuomo said.

Meanwhile, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio appointed his wife to a task force focused on racial inclusion and equity. He added: "We are not going to allow the disparities that we have seen exist in the future".

Cuomo says he has spoken with owners of professional sports teams, but he did not identify which ones.

Phase one will include opening construction and manufacturing functions with low risk. "You open phase I, you watch those dials and then you watch the rate of transmission".

The 17-page CDC guidance breaks down reopening guidance for restaurants, schools, religious institutions, mass transit, and more businesses into three phases. "It depends a lot on the companies".

In the past 24-hours, though, 437 people died of the coronavirus in his state. Next week, the state will begin conducting antibody testing for first responders and transit workers, including MTA employees, New York State Police and the NYPD.

The United States has recorded 960,651 cases of COVID-19 and 54,256 deaths including 21,908 in NY, according to figures by

There is no exact date as to when the plan will begin, the governor said.

The governor also announced the state is continuing to conduct antibody testing for frontline health care workers, including at four hospitals and health care systems in New York City today. "That is not going to happen with construction and manufacturing", he said.

What measures is NY introducing? "It makes ideal sense for the construction industry to be at the forefront of mobilizing the workforce", he said in a statement.

"We're now looking at a relatively short period of time", he said.