New Zealanders head to fast food outlets and beaches

Thursday, 30 Apr, 2020

New Zealand now has 1,124 confirmed cases and 19 deaths out of a population of around five million people.

The drastic measure would have rendered New Zealanders overseas "stateless", said the prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, and was rejected by cabinet wholesale as an "extraordinary measure no government in the world would allow".

"There is no widespread undetected community transmission in New Zealand", Ardern said via The Guardian. "Stay home, save lives". They enforced two-week quarantines for anyone crossing their borders.

But he added that such a system was put in place quickly.

These are good numbers, and various factors resulted in this success.

"That will be imperative in terms of our ability to provide confidence to the Government that we are ready to move down alert levels in due course", Bloomfield said.

Newshub, a television news outlet, reported Bloomfield then specified what "elimination" meant in this scenario as he cleared "muddy waters".

Aside from being a public servant, Bloomfield is a qualified public health specialist.

When the number of cases rose to 28 on March 19, Ardern banned foreigners from entering the country. The Covid19 lockdown has already been extended in India once, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has hinted it might extend further in what the health ministry has dubbed "hotspots" of Covid19. "I have 2 cheeseburgers but can't finish them".

Just under 12,000 students went to school and 7713 children attended early childhood centres, Ardern confirmed.

"I think when you hear your prime minister deliver sensible information in a calm manner that also helps you feel calm", said Prof Senanayake.

The extremely encouraging news coming from the country instantly saw google searches shoot up in India, where the citizens have been in lockdown for over a month.

However, Professor Nick Wilson, from Otago University's Department of Public Health, who previously spoke to Insider about the possibility of New Zealand's elimination strategy failing, said no scientific definition existed for it in New Zealand, and a definition was necessary.

Businesses were using Kiwi ingenuity to operate in a contact-less way, and Ardern noted a cafe that was serving takeaway coffee by placing it on a plank of wood and extending it to customers.