Sanders bashes NY over presidential primary cancellation

Thursday, 30 Apr, 2020

Bernie Sanders, leaving the race weeks ago, Biden has emerged as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, and the OH results were never in doubt.

Jerome Fedor, left, votes using social distancing at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, Tuesday, April 28, 2020, in Cleveland, Ohio. But the entire NY primary isn't canceled, only the presidential primary was removed.

Commissioner Andrew Spano reportedly pondered the decision at length but eventually decided it was unwise to force voters to choose between their democratic duty and their health.

After the most chaotic primary in recent memory, former Vice President Joe Biden won Ohio's Democratic presidential contest Tuesday, according to the Associated Press. NY has 274 delegates that would have been up for grabs.

The state Board of Elections voted on Monday to cancel the election due to the coronavirus pandemic.

His senior adviser Jeff Weaver said in a statement it was "an outrage, a blow to American democracy".

The core of Sanders' volunteer effort in OH released a statement Monday night refusing to endorse Biden, citing his more moderate views on health care and sexual assault allegations against Biden from the 1990s when he was a senator from Delaware.

Sanders dropped out earlier this month, but wanted to remain on the ballot to accrue enough delegates so his supporters can have some influence on key party issues. But one of Sanders' top allies pointed at Gov. Andrew Cuomo and said Biden isn't to blame, though it hurts the presumptive nominee anyway.

The Kansas Democratic presidential primary isn't until Saturday, but turnout is already three times larger than 2016. Cohen added, "I can't imagine they don't realize this creates disunity at a time they are trying to build unity".

Biden was already trending toward victory in the state's March 17 primary before the coronavirus pandemic worsened. Elected Democrats have mostly rallied around Biden - including Sanders, who endorsed Biden shortly after ending his bid - but intense differences persist among the grassroots. Our Revolution, the progressive advocacy group that spun off from Sanders's 2016 campaign, indicated that it would "challenge any delegates that NY sends to the convention" in a Monday statement. "Once the state party submits an updated selection plan on how they plan on allocating delegates, the committee will look at that plan and make a determination". Going outside that approved plan nearly certainly would require a waiver from the national party and subject NY to penalties that could cost the state as much as half its votes at the convention. "No one asked NY to cancel the election".

Understandably, Sanders supporters blasted the move. "To what degree and what number, I don't know".

Democrats made the decision previous year to drop the caucus format, which required voters to meet and split into groups based on their candidate selection, in favor of a ranked choice party-run primary.

Five states now conduct all elections entirely by mail: Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and Utah, but none had to adopt such practices amid a pandemic. "Sanders explicitly stated that he intended on continuing to collect delegates in order to advance wage, healthcare, climate & other priorities into the platform at the convention", she continued, contending that the DNC should "respond to this decision".

Federal agencies that help states with elections, like the Election Assistance Commission and Department of Homeland Security, have been steadily advising states on how to deal with a surge of voters who want to mail their ballot.

"That has effectively ended the real contest for the presidential nomination", Kellner said.

Down-ballot races will still be held on June 23, though it is not yet clear how extensive the in-person voting options will be.