Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan dies at 53

Friday, 01 May, 2020

Irrfan Khan is a well-respected actor in both Bollywood where he hails, and Hollywood where he was also quickly noticed. Our thoughts go out to them during this hard time. His last film, Angrezi Medium, released in March.

The beauty of the simple plot allows the audience to pay more attention to detail, emotion, and Irrfan Khan's acting in general.

The actor was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer in 2018 and had been travelling to London for his treatment. The cine-goers across the world are now mourning the death of Irrfan, who created magic on the silver screen with his impeccable performances.

Khan was someone who spoke with his eyes, a talent that allowed him to navigate everything from understated dramatic work, like BAFTA-nominated The Lunchbox, to Bollywood studio comedies like Krazzy 4, in which he played the cleanliness obsessed straight-man to a trio of boisterous comedic costars.

Khan's breakthrough came in the 2001 film The Warrior, the low-budget directorial debut of Asif Kapadia.

Irrfan resided in a place distant from mainland Mumbai - the epicentre of India's entertainment industry - because he shunned the "corrupting" influence of "a movie-city like Bombay".

A Mighty Heart (2007): The film was based on the book "A Mighty Heart: The Brave Life And Death Of My Husband Daniel Pearl" written by Mariane Pearl.

It drew a massive outpouring of support from his fans around the world.

The world of cinema woke up to the most depressing news today when we heard about actor Irrfan Khan's shocking death. They shared the common love for cinema and art.

Khan was a successful outlier in Bollywood, known for its hammy filmmaking.

I told him he looked every bit a bespectacled Bengali professor from the seventies, the role he was playing in the film. "I don't think I would have ever come this far if I had not picked up that DVD and watched an actor who changed my life", Faasil concluded his statement.

"The legendary actor was buried at the Versova Kabrastan at 3 pm this afternoon soon after the news of his passing away was announced".

According to NDTV, this actor was able to spend his final hours being surrounded by the people he loved, his family, for whom he cared most deeply.

It's the second tragedy for the family in under a week.

His mother, Saeeda Begum, died four days ago on April 25.

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