Apple makes it easier for mask-wearers to unlock their iPhones

Sunday, 03 May, 2020

However, donning the protective gear may make the simple act of unlocking your iPhone using Face ID a little tricky.

This news of the update comes at a time when face masks have become a necessity due to the coronavirus caused Covid-19 crisis and people find it hard to unlock their devices with their protection on.

Users with an iPhone sporting this biometric feature now have to wait for it to fail before they're prompted to enter their PIN code.

Face ID was a great idea - until large swathes of the world were forced to wear face masks, rendering it largely useless. It features a new Group FaceTime setting, instruments for builders to construct COVID-19 contract tracing apps and services, and enhancements to Face ID.

Unfortunately, the United States is the hardest hit country by the terrible COVID-19 pandemic.

A new patent application made by Apple in the USA shows that the tech giant is working on a feature that allows iPhone users to edit messages after sending. The new update has the necessary code that will allow the iOS to run exposure notification API.

Apple has released iOS 13.5 beta 3 and iPadOS 13.5, the company has changed the name of this release from iOS 13.4.5 to iOS 13.5.

Normally, when someone picks up their iPhone, Face ID recognizes them.

Because of this new API being added, the new iOS beta is using a different SDK than iOS 13.4, which is why the switch from iOS 13.4.5 to iOS 13.5 became a must.

Apple hasn't done anything to make Face ID read your face through mask rather it will it fast-track users to passcode entry. Now that the tools are available in the developer beta for iOS, the process should speed up considerably.

In case you missed it, there are other alternatives to "hack" Face ID to work with a face mask on.

The editing feature that Apple has blown over can easily be seen in the drawings in the patent application.