Federal Government Announces Ban on Over 1500 "Assault-Style Firearms"

Monday, 04 May, 2020

There is a two-year amnesty period while the government creates a program that will allow current owners to receive compensation for turning in the designated firearms or keep them through a grandfathering process yet to be worked out. The circulation and use of these weapons will be severely restricted during the two-year amnesty.

According to Canadian police, the Nova Scotia shooting incident happened after the gunman engaged in an argument with his girlfriend, who survived the attack.

"You don't need an AR-15 to bring down a deer", Trudeau said.

Among the many thoughts over which the public will ruminate in this ongoing misery: the extent to which our government might have prevented these sorrows, or how it may prevent them in the future.

"As a Nova Scotian I'm outraged that Justin Trudeau is using this tragedy to punish law-abiding firearms owners across Canada", MacKay said in a video.

Salmon Arm MP Mel Arnold believes that new gun control measures should focus on the illegally bought and sold guns, instead of on Canadian firearm ownership.

A post was also put up from the official Twitter handle of the Prime Minister.

"I am extremely disappointed by today's announcement by the federal government of a firearms ban that only serves to penalize law-abiding gun owners", Moe said in a statement on Friday.

Sarnia-Lambton's Conservative MP has fired back in response to the Trudeau government's assault-style gun ban. The ban got top billing in Trudeau's mandate letter outlining priorities for Blair, a former Toronto police chief.

Scheer said the Nova Scotia shooter did not have a firearms license, so all of his guns were illegal. "We need a fulsome strategy, as the Conservatives have outlined, to combat illegal guns and gangs", she said.

Canadians applying for a firearms license now must undergo background checks and provide character references.

Less than two weeks after the worst masseskyderi in Canada's history of prohibiting the country militærlignende weapons.

"As of today the market for assault weapons is closed". To kill the greatest number of people in the shortest possible time.

He said the list of banned guns "has been built with emotion" and focuses government energy on the types of guns that people own, and on legal gun owners, rather than targeting crime or bolstering mental-health support.