Trump claims US will have coronavirus vaccine by end of 2020

Tuesday, 05 May, 2020

Trump made the comment ahead of a Bloomberg News report that the intelligence community briefed the president about the virus twice in January.

In March, the U.S. president was asked about access to medical devices. "But it's still going to be, no matter how you look at it, at the lower end of the plane if we didn't shut down".

"We're bringing that whole supply chain back".

"I'm not sure that's the line the president should have gone with on a number of different levels", the host of "The Guy Benson Show" podcast told "America's Newsroom". "I've been talking about that for years". Other countries are using it and they're bragging about it.

"That is ultimately to the significant benefit of the United States economy", he said.

More than 67,000 people in the U.S. have perished from the illness.

"We can't stay closed as a country (or) we're not gonna have a country left", Trump said.

He said the economic ties between the United States and Ireland will be "more important than ever as we seek to recover from the COVID-19 crisis".

Speaking at a two-hour virtual "town hall", Mr Trump also denied that his administration had acted too slowly.

Critics warn that President Donald Trump's spurning of global cooperation on Covid-19 could result in disaster and set back efforts to cure the disease even as the president promised in a town hall with Fox News Sunday that the USA would have a vaccine for the coronavirus by the end of the year. It might. It could", but said, "We'll put out the embers, we'll put out whatever it may be.

When pressed on his shifting estimate, Trump conceded, "I used to say 65,000 and now I'm saying 80 or 90 and it goes up and it goes up rapidly".

While noting that states would go at their own pace in returning to normal, with ones harder hit by the coronavirus going slower, Trump said that "some states, frankly, I think aren't going fast enough". I think some of that frustration is warranted.

"We don't even have the final vaccine", Trump said, adding that "many companies are, I think, close", citing pharmaceutical maker Johnson & Johnson by name.

Though the administration's handling of the pandemic, particularly its ability to conduct widespread testing, has come under fierce scrutiny, the president defended the response and said the nation was ready to begin reopening. "It could have been stopped on the spot".